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Cluster Sputtering Tools


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AMAT Endura® 5500 SIP EnCoRe™ System.

Process Capabilities: Hot Al, SIP TTN, SiP Encore® Cu, SIP Encore™ Ta(N) and CleanW™
Application: Copper Barrier Seed

November 2007 build, installed Jan 2008, low usage

In addition to this Applied Materials, Inc. Endura--5500 SiP Encore, Capovani Brothers Inc. stocks a variety of other used and refurbished Thin Film Deposition tools including Sputtering,
Electron Beam Evaporators (E Beam) and Thermal Evaporators (Resistive Evaporators). Typical manufactures include Airco Temescal, Applied Materials,
CHA Industries, CVC, Denton, Dynavac, Edwards, Leybold, Oerlikon, Temescal, Varian, Veeco Instruments and VonArdenne.

To view our complete stock of used physical vapor deposition equipment, visit our Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment Category.

Learn more about our Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Equipment Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures

This used sputtering system and all the other used and refurbished semiconductor, scientific, and laboratory equipment listed on this website are owned by
Capovani Brothers Inc. and stored at our facility in Scotia, NY.

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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
ManufacturerApplied Materials
ModelEndura--5500 SiP Encore
Wafer Size Range
  Minimum150 mm
  Maximum200 mm
  Set Size200 mm
Number of Chambers5
Process CapabilitiesHot Al, SIP TTN, SiP Encore Cu & Ta(N), CleanW
Chamber 1 DescriptionEnhanced Hot Aluminum
Standard Body Chamber
Mech. Clamped chuck, Ti clamp ring
CTI Onboard Cryo, fast regen, low vibe
Magnet type: 12.9" Al A,P/N: 0020-26822

Chamber 2 DescriptionTi Nitride
Wide Body Chamber
Elec. Chuck: Bias MCS ESC, SST cover ring
Wafer bias power supply, 13.56MHz 600 W,
CTI Onboard Cryo, fast regen, low vibe
Magnet type: SIP REV2, P/N: 0010-04065

Chamber 3 DescriptionSIP Encore® Cu
Wide Body Chamber
Elec. Chuck: SLT FDR E-Chuck, Ti cover ring, cryo chilled
Wafer bias power supply, 13.56MHz 1250 W,
CTI Onboard Cryo, fast regen, low vibe
Magnet type: LP 8.8, P/N: 0010-12864

Chamber 4 DescriptionSIP Encore® Ta(N)
Wide Body Chamber
Elec.Chuck: SLT FDR E-Chuck, Ti -Arc-Sp
Wafer bias power supply, 13.56MHz 600W, ICE RF Match
CTI Onboard Cryo, fast regen, low vibe
Magnet Type: Encore Rev 2, P/N:0010-14875

Chamber 5 DescriptionCleanW® PVD
Wide Body Chamber
Elec. Chuck: MCS+ ESC, SST-Arc-Sp cover ring
CTI Onboard Cryo, fast regen, low vibe
Magnet type: PVD WII, P/N: 0010-11925

Interface TypeSECS RS-232
Elevator TypeUniversal Manual w/Rotate
External CoolingWater Cooled
Accessories(3) CTI 9600 Compressor, p/n: 3620-01389, water cooled
(3) CTI Onboard Terminal, p/n: 3620-01553
(2) Neslab System III Heat Exchanger
(1) CTL Inc subzero chiller, Model: BCU-L310F1-AMAT
(1) Toyota T100L Dry Pump
(2) Toyata T600 Dry Pump
Other InformationBuffer Chamber
  • Position "A": Pass thru with clear plastic lid
  • Position "B": Cooldown with temp monitor
  • Position "D": Reactive Preclean, Leybold TMP
  • Position "E" Orienter degas with temp feedback
  • Position "F" Orienter degas with temp feedback

    Wide Body Loadlocks w/ variable speed soft vent
    VHP Transfer Robot w/HTHU compatible blade
    HP+ Buffer Robot with w/original metal blade
    50' Cable harness
    SMIF Integrated Tool Control
  • NB: Asyst SMIF Loader sold as option.
  • Power Requirements480 V     500.0 A     60 Hz     3 Phase
    CE MarkedYES
    Year of Manufacture2007
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