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    Item IDItem DescriptionType#PriceNote
    124873Thorlabs C1506Adjustable Platform153.50
    20405Thorlabs C280TMAR Coated Mounted Lens 164.00
    124793Newport 460P-XYBall Bearing Linear Stage1330.00
    124868Oriel 12615Bar Type Holder2105.00
    177939Thorlabs KB4X4Base Plate, Kinematic270.00
    124885Newport BP-2Base Plate, Specialized214.50
    19618Newport BK-5Base, Kinematic, Locking3142.00
    123610Newport BK-3ABase, Kinematic, Magnetic196.00
    21511Newport 100Base, Magnetic180.00
    2165Newport 150Base, Magnetic3200.00
    110Newport 200Base, Magnetic3215.00
    21341Melles Griot 07 RPC 012Base, Mounting, Square Slotted913.00
    123773Newport PS-B-0.5Base, Pedestal48.40
    86309Edmund Optics P53-355Base, Pivot15.70
    19599Newport BUP-2Base, Universal441.00
    2211Newport AMB-3Bases, Adjustable Mounting750.00
    19619Newport BK-5-TBases, Kinematic, Top Plates for Locking280.00
    20250Newport CH-0.5Beamsplitter Holder, Cube157.00
    4112Newport 20Q20BS1Beamsplitter, Broadband 50/50 Dielectric1270.00
    19960Newport MT-AB2Bracket, Adaptor for Dovetail Linear Stage116.00
    124883Melles Griot 07-TSH-504Bracket, Angle1285.00
    19681Newport CB-2Bracket, Construction148.00
    4113Newport 20Q20NC1Broadband Beam Samplers1240.00
    7702Newport CN26-90Carriage, 90mm155.00
    4125Newport MTFCarriers, Flat Translator220.00
    4697Optosigma 1461330Carriers, Optical125.00
    102Newport AC-2Chuck, Adjustable Radius330.00
    2282Oriel 12650Clamp Type Optic Holders w/Standard Rod155.00
    55584Newport BC-2Clamp, Base, Fixed Height34.00
    2216Newport FCCClamp, Universal Cable240.00
    2215Newport CL4Clamps, Tie Down125.00
    23214Newport C-1Collars63.50
    79076Newport FH-2Dual Filter Holder448.00
    20253Thorlabs MDT711Fiber Clamp158.00
    22594Newport 818-IS-1Fiber Optic Detector, Universal11,450.00
    21359Newport FP-1Fiber Optic Positioner3160.00
    51071Newport FP-2Fiber Optic Positioner1190.00
    124886Newport VC1-B3Fiber Optic Vacuum Chuck1120.00
    21097Newport FH-1Filter Holder145.00
    42587CVI Laser 8320Filter Stack Holder, 2" Round245.00
    124870Oriel 77369Filter Wheel1484.00
    4130Ealing Electro-Optic 22-8981Filter, Variable Neutral Density1780.00
    4702Optosigma 0240880Gradient Index Plano Microlenses113.00
    2281Oriel 12010Horizontal Rod Connector135.00
    124872Oriel 12010Horizontal Rod Connector144.75
    81733Newport i-MountIndexed Rotary Mount180.00
    81758Newport P100-Ai38Industrial Optical Mount338.00
    123669Newport 271Jack, Lab, High Capacity1420.00
    2154Newport 810Laser Mount, Adjustable1225.00
    2269Newport 812Laser Mounts, Precision Adjustable1275.00
    4019Newport 811Laser Mounts, Precision-Adjustable1240.00
    2260Aerotech NLA1Lens Adapters, Nested138.00
    2261Aerotech NLA15Lens Adapters, Nested240.00
    2262Aerotech NLA3Lens Adapters, Nested148.00
    100Newport LM2Lens Holder415.00
    4708Melles Griot 07LHF007Lens Holder118.00
    4707Melles Griot 07LHF006Lens Holder324.00
    19961Newport CYH-2Lens Holder, Cylindrical192.00
    123736Newport VLH-3Lens Holder, Variable258.00
    5194Newport 760Lens Positioner1775.00
    216Oriel 71430Manual Shutter2130.00
    20407Thorlabs E09RMSMicroscope Objective Adapter Extension Tube217.00
    124896Oriel 17500Mirror Mount, Adjustable1101.50
    89Newport GM2Mirror Mount, Gimbal475.00
    123611Newport 620-4Mirror Mount, Gimbal1417.00
    23230Melles Griot 07 MHT 035Mirror Mount, Kinematic640.00
    118314Thorlabs KM2HCMirror Mount, Kinematic250.00
    4698Optosigma 1120250Mirror Mount, Small124.00
    124894Optosigma 112-0264Mirror Mount, Small135.00
    2258Newport TM75Mirror Mount, Turret260.00
    108Newport 625A4Mirror Mounts, Kinematic, Rod-Mounted5200.00
    23231Melles Griot 07 MHT 025Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount, Kinematic142.00
    3860Newport MM2AMirror/Beamsplitter Mounts130.00
    124552New Focus 9028Modular Plate127.50
    124550New Focus 9026Modular Riser134.75
    118315Thorlabs CRM1Mount, Cage Rotation148.00
    123603Newport P100-AMount, Kinematic Optical434.00
    109Newport A43Mount, Kinematic Optical138.00
    123667Newport LH-100Mount, Lens413.00
    123675Newport LH-150Mount, Lens114.40
    19726Newport LM-1RMount, Lens518.00
    4017Newport ALM2Mount, Lens Adjustable1180.00
    123666Newport ALM-4Mount, Lens Adjustable2200.00
    101Newport LFM1Mount, Lens Focusing196.00
    81757Newport VH-AMMount, Support Ring255.00 F*
    124876Thorlabs P2Mounting Post115.50
    2662Newport 940Mounts, Variable Beamsplitter/Attenuator175.00
    133526Newport 36SMulti-Axis Tilt Platform2210.00
    124878Oriel 12800Multiple Filter Holder159.00
    19719Newport UPA1-.75Optic Adaptor111.00
    2222Newport MH2Optic Holder220.00
    124895Oriel 12730Optic Holder1104.00
    2226Newport MH2POptic Holders518.00
    2660Newport LCA2Optic Holders, Universal294.50
    4131Oriel 12740Optic Mount--3" 175.00
    4132Oriel 12750Optic Mount--4" 2100.00
    105Newport ISO13HOptical Isolator11,950.00
    20168Thorlabs RLA0300Optical Rails315.00
    78977UNKNOWN 60Optics Holder288.00
    118324New Focus 9957Pedestal, Fixed Height with Shim111.00
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    Aerotech, CVI Laser, Ealing Electro-Optics, Edmund Optics, Melles Griot, New Focus, Newport, Optosigma, Oriel, Thorlabs