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    Offer152710A&N Corporation KF 40-ISOKF 40 X 40" BellowsKF40.001124.00
    Offer140221A&N Corporation QF25-ZVPZero Length ViewportKF25.00560.00Click for Picture
    Offer43850A&N Corporation SpecialConflat X CompressionConflat2430.00Click for Picture
    Offer143526BELLOWSBellows, 39"KF25.001110.00
    Offer156210BELLOWS ISO K100 X 145mmBellows ISO K 100 X 145mmISO-K100.0012180.00Click for Picture
    Offer152866Edwards B58046000ISO K-100 Turbo Pump Vibration IsolatorISO-K100.002760.00Click for Picture
    Offer152867Edwards B58049000ISO K 160 Turbo Pump Vibration IsolatorISO-K160.003825.00Click for Picture
    Offer156184ELBOW 45 Deg. ISO K 100Elbow 45 Deg. ISO KISO-K100.001143.00
    Offer156161ELBOW ISO K 100Elbow ISO K 100ISO-K100.003130.00Click for Picture
    Offer92346Ferrofluidics 4854Rotary Vacuum Feedthrough1910.00Click for Picture
    Offer310Ferrotec 5012029ZFeedthroughConflat69.856695.00Click for Picture
    Offer3564Ferrotec B13055Feedthrough, Hollow Shaft Flange Mount ASA177.8011,495.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not62647Ferrotec HD-750-SLFFWRotary Vacuum Feedthrough127.0042,525.00Click for Picture
    Offer62566Ferrotec HS-1500-SLFBCHollow type11,490.00Click for Picture
    Offer151985HEAVY DUTY LINEAR PUSH PULL FEEDTHROUGHHeavy Duty Linear Push Pull FeedthroughConflat69.851785.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not152688HPS 100317443Bellows, 40", KF 25 KF25.0010140.00
    Some Shown, Others Not362HPS 100319606Tee--KF 50 x 1/4" NPTKF50.80950.00
    Offer156165HPS 100760206Weld Flange ISO K 63ISO-K63.00226.00Click for Picture
    Offer156163HPS 100760208Weld Flange ISO K 80ISO-K80.00733.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not55940HPS 100763608Bellows, 20", ISO-KISO-K80.014185.00Click for Picture
    Offer156168HPS 100764606Elbow ISO K 63ISO-K63.001102.00Click for Picture
    Offer156164HPS 100885007 Weld Flange CF 4.50" X 2.50"Conflat114.30333.00Click for Picture
    Offer143525HPS BellowsBellows, 20"KF40.001100.00
    Offer126521HPS NoneBellows, 20"KF25.002110.00
    Offer129540HPS NoneThree Way Reducing ElbowKF25.00650.00Click for Picture
    Offer152849HPS Wing Nut Clamp KF50 Wing Nut Clamp 207.00Click for Picture
    Offer288Huntington VF1752Feedthrough, Angular Motion (tilt) Port Conflat69.851350.00Click for Picture
    Offer63734Insulator Seal Corp. 9462015 Water Cooled High Power Feedthrough Conflat69.854170.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not285Insulator Seal Corp. 9324003Feedthrough, ThermocoupleInsertable25.403130.00Click for Picture
    Offer134495Insulator Seal Corp. 9414003Feedthrough, ElectricOther180.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not63733Insulator Seal Corp. 9452015High Power FeedthroughConflat69.852170.00Click for Picture
    Offer63824Kurt Lesker LFT422TETELiquid/Gas Feedthrough3155.00Click for Picture
    Offer289Kurt Lesker ASA900X0Flange, BlankASA101.60170.00
    Offer294Kurt Lesker DS450VPSFlapper View Port ShutterConflat114.302420.00Click for Picture F*
    Some Shown, Others Not63804Kurt Lesker EFT0187054High Voltage Feedthrough1180.00Click for Picture
    Offer63810Kurt Lesker IFTAG105103Ten Pin Instrumentation Feedthrough 4215.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not220Kurt Lesker LFT412TETEFeedthrough, Liquid or GasNPT6.3560110.00Click for Picture
    Offer221Kurt Lesker LFT413TETEFeedthrough, Liquid or GasNPT9.6525110.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not219Kurt Lesker LNFT415TETEFeedthrough, Liquid, Gas or Liquid NitrogenNPT16.0056155.00Click for Picture
    Offer143524Kurt Lesker MH-QF-C24Bellows, 24", KFKF40.00280.00
    Offer84419Kurt Lesker MHT-QF-C06Bellows, 6"KF40.001680.00
    Offer152683Kurt Lesker TFT2KA00008BThermocouple Feed Through Type K Mil-Spec Plug KF40.001150.00Click for Picture
    Offer152682Kurt Lesker TFT4KY00008BThermocouple FeedthroughKF40.001230.00
    Offer2545Leybold 88766Bellows, 5"ISO-K101.602300.00Click for Picture
    Offer2544Leybold Weld StubWeld StubISO-K1,004.063165.00Click for Picture
    Offer2543Leybold Weld StubWeld StubISO-K62.99385.00Click for Picture
    Offer136325MDC 647051Ten Pin Electrical FeedthroughConflat69.852170.00Click for Picture
    Offer300MDC 110026Flange, AdapterConflat250.00
    Some Shown, Others Not136548MDC 400009Bellows, 8", ConflatConflat203.201375.00Click for Picture
    Offer136328MDC 405002Four Way CrossConflat69.85165.00Click for Picture
    Offer137364MDC 465002High Voltage Conflat EnvelopeConflat203.201975.00
    Some Shown, Others Not305MDC FDS752 3/4" Conflat to 3/4" compression Conflat1050.00Click for Picture
    Offer62362MDC L 1600 RBFClaw-Clamp Flange to Bolt Flange Adapter406.403270.00Click for Picture
    Offer136346MDC UnknownSix Pin Electrical FeedthroughConflat69.851175.00Click for Picture
    Offer152383MITERED ELBOW ISO K 500Mitered Elbow ISO K 500ISO-K500.0022,530.00
    Offer156167MKS Instruments, Inc 10023400CR200Weld Reducer 2" X 4"Other130.00
    Offer152712MKS Instruments, Inc 100317441KF 16 X 40" BellowsKF16.005125.00
    Offer156159MKS Instruments, Inc 1008886012Bellows, 6" x 12", CFConflat152.401300.00
    Offer124444MKS Instruments, Inc 99E1081Straight Nipple ISO K 63, 32"ISO-K63.007325.00Click for Picture
    Offer152859MKS Instruments, Inc Double Claw ClampDouble Claw Clamp ISO 63-100503.00
    Offer152860Nor-Cal Products Double Claw ClampDouble Claw Clamp ISO200-250303.50
    Offer152709Nor-Cal Products FH-300-36-2ISO ISO K 80 X 36" BellowsISO-K80.003315.00
    Offer152708Nor-Cal Products FH-400-36-2ISO ISO K 100 X 36" BellowsISO-K100.001285.00
    Some Shown, Others Not63826Nor-Cal Products LFT-150-1-025Liquid Nitrogen Feedthrough160.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not66559Nor-Cal Products N/A6.5" BellowsISO-K101.606210.00Click for Picture
    Offer66558Nor-Cal Products N/AMitered ElbowISO-K101.606145.00Click for Picture
    Offer66560Nor-Cal Products N/AMitered Elbow w/KF Heel OutletISO-K101.604225.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not295Perkin Elmer NoneFeedthrough, RotaryConflat33.781250.00Click for Picture
    Offer136324Perkin Elmer UnknownTwenty Six Pin Electrical FeedthroughConflat69.851235.00Click for Picture
    Offer6927Rigaku 10C97121400Feedthrough, Hollow Ferrofluidic24,900.00Click for Picture
    Offer154085SIX-WAY CROSS FITTING ISO K 250Six-Way Cross ISO K 250ISO-K250.0014,200.00
    Offer152382SIX-WAY CROSS FITTING ISO K 250/CONFLATSix-Way Cross ISO K 250/ConflatISO-K250.0043,850.00
    Some Shown, Others Not271Teledyne Hastin NoneFlange, Reducing Conflat114.30335.00
    Some Shown, Others Not304UNKNOWN VIEW PORTView PortConflat203.2013270.00
    Offer152711VACUUM FITTING ISO 80 X 40" THICK WALLISO 80 X 40" Thick wallISO-K80.001195.00
    Offer2552VACUUM FITTING, 19" BELLOWSBellows, 19", ISO-KISO-K80.011500.00
    Some Shown, Others Not2555VACUUM FITTING, 24" BELLOWS24" BellowsKF16.00875.00
    Offer2553VACUUM FITTING, 39" BELLOWS39" BellowsISO-K80.012825.00
    Offer92547VACUUM FITTING, BASEPLATE/ENDPLATEVacuum Baseplate/Endplate1950.00Click for Picture
    Offer92540VACUUM FITTING, BASEPLATE/ENDPLATEVacuum Baseplate/Endplate11,050.00Click for Picture
    Offer3201VACUUM FITTING, CONFLAT TEETeeConflat114.301225.00Click for Picture
    Offer2546VACUUM FITTING, CROSSCrossKF25.40560.00
    Offer2549VACUUM FITTING, ELBOWElbowKF16.001030.00
    Offer92542VACUUM FITTING, FEEDTHROUGH COLLARFeedthrough Collar12,100.00Click for Picture
    Offer3265VACUUM FITTING, INSTRUMENTATION FEEDTHROUGHTwenty Pin Electrical Feedthrough, ISO-K101.602375.00Click for Picture
    Offer43686VACUUM FITTING, MOTORIZED LINEAR FEEDTHROUGHMotorized Linear FeedthroughConflat152.401775.00Click for Picture
    Offer43687VACUUM FITTING, MOTORIZED ROTARY FEEDTHROUGHMotorized Rotary FeedthroughConflat69.8511,150.00Click for Picture
    Offer2973VACUUM FITTING, NIPPLESNipples203.201500.00
    Offer2974VACUUM FITTING, NIPPLESNipplesISO-K249.941550.00
    Offer92392VACUUM FITTING, ROTARY VACUUM FEEDTHROUGHRotary Vacuum FeedthroughKF25.0011,200.00Click for Picture
    Offer92393VACUUM FITTING, ROTARY VACUUM FEEDTHROUGHRotary Vacuum FeedthroughKF40.0011,200.00Click for Picture
    Offer2551VACUUM FITTING, SEAL ASSEMBLYSeal Assembly w/ScreenKF25.401421.00
    Offer152689VACUUM FITTING, STRAIGHT NIPPLEKF25 X 40" Straight NippleKF25.009
    Some Shown, Others Not2547VACUUM FITTING, TEETeeKF38.10760.00
    Some Shown, Others Not134494VACUUM POWER FEEDTHROUGHElectrical FeedthroughConflat1.33780.00Click for Picture
    Offer298Varian 954-5049Feedthrough, Linear with Digital CounterConflat69.851300.00Click for Picture
    Offer152868Varian 969-9342ISO-100 Turbo Pump Vibration IsolatorASA100.002750.00

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Vacuum Fittings:
    A&N Corporation, Edwards, Ferrofluidics, Ferrotec, HPS, Huntington, Insulator Seal Corp., Kurt Lesker, Leybold, MDC, MKS Instruments, Inc., Nor-Cal Products, Perkin Elmer, Rigaku, Teledyne Hastings Instruments , Varian