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Cryogenic Vacuum Pumps

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Capovani Brothers Inc stocks a variety of used cryo vacuum pumps with a wide range of pumping speeds and flange sizes available. Typical manufacturers include Anelva, Austin Scientific Company, CTI Cryogenics, CVI, Genesis Vacuum, and Polycold. Visit our Used Cryo Vacuum Pumps - Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures page for more information about our refurbishment and testing process of used cryo pumps.
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  • Item IDItem DescriptionInlet FlangePumping Spd WV#PriceNote
    »in  mm»CFM  l/s$
    143109Anelva P126CLConflat1
    1054CTI Cryogenics 350CP13,800.00
    49424CTI Cryogenics Control Keypad4510.00
    1056CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 10ASA254.09,000.0044,900.00
    39051CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 10ISO-K320.09,000.00137,750.00 F*
    181975CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 10ASA254.09,000.001 F*N*
    140244CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 8ASA200.04,000.0013,850.00
    169389CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 8ISO-K203.24,000.001 F*
    103770CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 8ASA203.24,000.004
    2245CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 8ASA200.04,000.0013,950.00
    50820CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 8FASA200.04,000.001
    4735CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 10ASA254.09,000.0029,100.00
    83637CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 10F ISO-K254.09,500.0028,750.00 F*
    8712CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 10F(NEW)ASA254.09,500.00111,700.00
    43842CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 6Conflat203.22,500.0019,600.00
    124932CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 6 (New)ISO-K160.02,500.004
    49418CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 8 Conflat203.24,000.0028,150.00
    62170CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 8ASA200.04,000.002
    32590CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 8Conflat203.24,000.0065,500.00
    38550CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 8Other200.04,000.0017,800.00
    463CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 8ISO-K200.04,000.0017,500.00
    461CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 8FISO-K200.04,000.0047,500.00
    42086CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 8FASA200.04,000.0017,500.00
    133628CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 8FISO-K200.04,000.0025,000.00
    127121CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD IS 250FISO-K250.06,500.001
    83241CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD IS 250FOther250.06,500.003
    111634CTI Cryogenics WaterpumpConflat171.516,600.00
    97496CVI TM-500ASA508.030,000.00210,200.00
    97537CVI TM-500 LN2ASA508.030,000.00310,200.00
    135300Genesis Vacuum HV-8ASA203.24,000.0013,350.00
    135302Genesis Vacuum HV-8ASA203.24,000.0023,250.00
    43521Leybold 1500SLConflat200.04,600.0038,200.00
    174597Polycold PFC-1100-HC2
    176026Polycold PFC-1100-ST1 F*
    83641Polycold PFC-20016,800.00
    83639Polycold PFC-200A16,800.00
    77977Telemark TVP-2000212,950.00

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Cryogenic Vacuum Pumps:
    Anelva, CTI Cryogenics, CVI, Genesis Vacuum , Leybold, Polycold, Telemark