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Diffusion Vacuum Pumps

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  • Item IDItem DescriptionPump Spd N2Inlet FlangeUltimate Press#PriceNote
    »CFM  l/s»in  mm»mbar  torr$
    4126CVC PMCS-6BASA152.41.00E-411,600.00
    4890Edwards CR160/700P600.0ISO-K160.02.25E-914,750.00
    60698Edwards MK2135.0ISO-K63.0101,950.00 F*
    4778NRC 0162ASA200.15.00E-81
    136971Varian M2ASA50.85.00E-811,500.00
    149277Varian M4ASA150.05.00E-92
    2338Varian M6ASA203.25.00E-841,700.00
    3397Varian VHS 4ASA101.651,750.00
    125153Varian VHS 6ASA152.45.00E-913,900.00
    125559Varian VHS 6ASA152.45.00E-913,900.00
    42866Varian VHS 6ASA152.45.00E-942,450.00
    140855Veeco EP-7762,000.0ASA152.413,800.00

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Diffusion Vacuum Pumps:
    Consolidated Vacuum Corp, Edwards, NRC, Varian, Veeco Instruments