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Reflected Light Microscopes

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Capovani Brothers Inc. stocks a wide range of used reflected light microscopes with configurations such as brightfield, brightfield/darkfield and DIC. Typical manufacturers include Leica, Leitz, Nikon, Olympus, and Zeiss. We offer many different types of microscope parts and accessories. Visit our Microscope Parts and Accessories category for our current inventory. Visit our Used Microscopes Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures page for information about the testing and refurbishment of used reflected light microscopes.
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  • Item IDItem DescriptionMicroscope TypeMicroscp ConfigIllum TypeTrinclr/Phototb#PriceNote
    37954Leica INM 100UprightBright & DarkReflected LightYES1 F*
    106575Leica Polylite 88UprightBright & DarkReflected Light217,500.00 F*
    1643Leica POLYLITE88UprightBF/DF/DICReflected Light1 F*
    88261Leitz UprightBF & POL1
    89143Leitz ErgoluxUprightBright & DarkRef/Trans Light15,500.00 F*
    113754Leitz ErgoluxUprightBright & DarkReflected Light14,900.00 F*
    47433Leitz Secolux 6X6UprightBrightfieldReflected Light15,750.00
    176525Mitutoyo FS-110T - 378-121UprightBF & POLRef/Trans LightYES1 F*
    161461Nikon Optiphot 100SUprightBright & DarkReflected LightYES1
    4360Nikon Optiphot 200UprightBright & DarkReflected Light3
    100822Olympus BH2-UMAUprightBF/DF/DICReflected Light1 F*
    124324Olympus AX70UprightBright & DarkHg Reflected LtYES1
    1967Olympus BHM/BH2-UMAUprightBrightfieldReflected Light43,100.00
    1968Olympus BHM/BH2-UMAUprightBright & DarkReflected Light173,400.00 F*
    128483Olympus MX50-AFUprightBright & DarkReflected LightYES2
    114218Olympus MX50-CFUprightBF/DF/DICHg Reflected Lt1
    169420Olympus MX50A-FUprightBF/DF/DICReflected LightYES1
    169421Olympus MX50T-FUprightBright & DarkReflected LightYES1 F*
    5131Unitron Unimet 7634InvertedBright & DarkReflected LightYES14,200.00
    3799Unitron VERSAMET 2InvertedBrightfield&DICRef/Trans Light14,000.00
    166599Zeiss AXIOMATUprightBF/DF/DICRef/Trans LightYES1 F*
    10393Zeiss AXIOTRONUprightBrightfieldReflected LightYES2 F*
    2277Zeiss AXIOTRONUprightBright & DarkXe Reflected LtYES2
    73153Zeiss ICM 405InvertedBrightfield&DICXe Reflected LtYES1 F*
    116331Zeiss UEMUprightBrightfieldReflected Light1 F*
    40028Zeiss UniversalUprightBrightfield&DICRef/Trans LightYES1

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Reflected Light Microscopes:
    Leica, Leica, Leitz, Mitutoyo, Nikon, Olympus, Unitron, Zeiss