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  • Offered (box) or Wanted (coins)Item IDItem DescriptionConfigurationDrive SystemTotal Travel, XYZIndexer Incl#PriceNote
    »mm  in»mm  in»mm  in$
    Offer2345Aerotech ALS50075/ALS50060X-Y30.0024.00no128,500.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not5446Aerotech ATS 100-100Single AxisPrec Ball screw4.00no43,000.00Click for Picture
    Offer86406Aerotech ATS 404Single AxisPrec Ball screw4.00no11,525.00Click for Picture
    Offer5039Aerotech ATS 406Single AxisPrec Ball screw5.91no11,450.00Click for Picture
    Offer161874Aerotech ATS 524/ATS 412X-YPrec Ball screw24.5012.75no2
    Offer123770Aerotech ATS-303WSingle Axis2.95no1250.00Click for Picture
    Offer1227Aerotech ATS02005-U-40PSingle AxisPrec Ball screw1.97no63,700.00Click for Picture
    Offer107843Aerotech ATS100-100Single AxisPrec Ball screw4.00no13,360.00Click for Picture
    Offer107852Aerotech ATS100-200Single AxisPrec Ball screw8.00no23,780.00Click for Picture
    Offer2568Aerotech ATS100-200Single AxisPrec Ball screw8.00no13,700.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not2321Aerotech ATS100-50-U-20PSingle AxisPrec Ball screw1.97no62,800.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not2341Aerotech ATS50060-M-02PSingle AxisSuprec Balscrw24.00no17,900.00Click for Picture
    Offer5451Aerotech AVS 105Single AxisLead screw0.20no42,529.00Click for Picture
    Offer2097Anorad 4443Single AxisBallscrew7.00no12,650.00Click for Picture
    Offer42959Bishop-Wisecarver LP-2W-BS-CENSingle AxisBallscrew6.00no2675.00Click for Picture
    Offer42961Bishop-Wisecarver LP-2W-BS-CENSingle AxisBallscrew10.00no2775.00Click for Picture
    Offer39985Cleveland Precision HEAVY DUTYX-YLead screw2.004.00no1900.00Click for Picture
    Offer39982Cleveland Precision OTHERSingle AxisManual Drive3.00no1600.00Click for Picture
    Offer4060Daedal 4002DSingle AxisOther0.50no1175.00Click for Picture
    Offer24630Daedal 406004Single AxisPrec Ball screw4.00no12,405.00Click for Picture F*
    Offer24631Daedal 406016NEPSingle AxisPrec Ball screw16.00no1Click for Picture
    Offer2382Daedal 408121SLHSingle AxisBallscrew12.00no13,075.00Click for Picture
    Offer2314Daedal 424121Single AxisBallscrew12.00no15,250.00Click for Picture
    Offer2313Daedal 424181Single AxisBallscrew18.00no16,500.00Click for Picture
    Offer85131Daedal 4412Single AxisMicrometer Driv2.00no1450.00Click for Picture
    Offer1560Daedal 4910Single AxisMicrometer Driv1.00no3550.00Click for Picture
    Offer7836Daedal 500000ETSingle AxisBallscrew12.00no22,330.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not1639Daedal 506101S6Single AxisBallscrew10.00no1875.00Click for Picture
    Offer2381Daedal 506201SSingle AxisBallscrew20.00no11,750.00Click for Picture
    Offer24881Daedal 80600Single AxisPrec Ball screw4.00no1Click for Picture
    Offer7571Daedal CP4965-04Single AxisManual Drive4.00no1750.00Click for Picture
    Offer14180Daedal M4965-08Single AxisPrec Ball screw8.00no1900.00Click for Picture
    Offer133838Danaher NoneX-YLead screw14.0012.00no23,750.00Click for Picture F*
    Offer92637DCI 008-0725Single AxisLead screw6.00no11,050.00Click for Picture
    Offer92607DCI DC-2x3.5Single AxisBallscrew2.00no1875.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not43058Del-Tron Precision LS3-12Single AxisBallscrew12.00no1725.00Click for Picture
    Offer31708Del-Tron Precision NoneSingle AxisLead screw1.00no12310.00Click for Picture
    Offer55633Del-Tron Precision OTHERSingle Axis8.12no1375.00Click for Picture
    Offer108679Dover Instrument X-YBallscrew5.004.00no21,950.00Click for Picture
    Offer1556Dover Instrument ES400S250CLSSingle AxisLead screwno22,300.00Click for Picture
    Offer108681Ealing Electro-Optic 37-0346X-YLead screw12.0012.00YES13,900.00Click for Picture
    Offer66650HEAVY DUTY LINEAR STAGE, 4.75" TRAVELSingle Axis4.75no1300.00Click for Picture
    Offer82647IntelLiDrives PXY-15X18no13,900.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not4298Intelligent Actuator DSS5H100X-YBallscrewno33,750.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not570Kensington Labs MS4X-Y-ZLead screw8.278.270.39no112,500.00Click for Picture
    Offer85954Klinger B91-57055Single AxisLead screw7.50no23,400.00Click for Picture F*
    Offer37864Klinger UT 100X-Y-ZLead screw0.980.980.18no25,100.00Click for Picture
    Offer1554Klinger UT 100.25CCSingle AxisLead screw1.00no11,750.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not143186Line Tool Co. HX-Y-ZMicrometer Driv1.001.001.00no6720.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not134788Line Tool Co. JX-Y-ZMicrometer Driv0.500.500.50no3750.00Click for Picture
    Offer92640LINEAR STAGE, 4" TRAVELSingle AxisBallscrew4.00no1825.00Click for Picture
    Offer7961Melles Griot 07 TEZ-501X-Y-ZMicrometer Driv0.240.240.12no1440.00Click for Picture
    Offer81172miCos VT-80Single AxisLead screw11.81no11,375.00Click for Picture
    Offer1584MOTORIZED LINEAR STAGE, 7.25" TRAVELSingle AxisLead screw7.25no1750.00Click for Picture
    Offer1583MOTORIZED LINEAR STAGE, 9.25"Single AxisLead screw9.25no1850.00Click for Picture
    Offer4819MOTORIZED LINEAR X-Y STAGEX-YLead screw12.7512.75no1Click for Picture
    Offer2129MOTORIZED X-Y AIR BEARING STAGEX-YBallscrew13.508.50no17,500.00Click for Picture
    Offer122187Neat NoneSingle AxisBallscrew4.00no2925.00Click for Picture F*
    Offer8028Neat TM1000SMSingle AxisBallscrew5.00no11,560.00Click for Picture
    Offer38772Newport M-UTM25PP1HLSingle AxisLead screw0.98no61,680.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not4548Newport M426Single AxisNone1.00no10210.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not21537Newport UMR8.511350.00Click for Picture
    Offer38774Newport UT100-25-1UMSingle AxisLead screw0.98no31,325.00Click for Picture
    Offer19889Newport UTM50CC.1DDSingle AxisLead screwno11,550.00Click for Picture
    Offer136796Physik Instrumente M-014.00X-YOtherno1Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not3864THK KR33Ballscrew2.50no2950.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not2636THK KR33ASingle AxisPrec Ball screw9.00no81,150.00Click for Picture
    Offer3061X-Y-Z GRANITE-TOP INSPECTION PLATFORMX-Y-ZPrec Ball screw8.008.008.00no28,000.00Click for Picture

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Linear Stages:
    Aerotech, Anorad, Bishop-Wisecarver, Cleveland Precision Systems, Daedal, Danaher Precision Systems, Del-Tron Precision, Inc., Design Components Inc, Dover Instrument, Ealing Electro-Optics, IntelLiDrives, Inc., Intelligent Actuator Inc, Kensington Labs, Klinger, Line Tool Company, Melles Griot, miCos GmbH, New England Affiliated Technologies, Newport, Physik Instrumente, THK