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    Offered (box) or Wanted (coins)Item IDItem DescriptionType#PriceNote
    Some Shown, Others Not2260Aerotech NLA1Lens Adapters, Nested138.00Click for Picture
    Offer2261Aerotech NLA15Lens Adapters, Nested240.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not2262Aerotech NLA3Lens Adapters, Nested148.00Click for Picture
    Offer42587CVI Laser 8320Filter Stack Holder, 2" Round245.00Click for Picture
    Offer4130Ealing Electro-Optic 22-8981Filter, Variable Neutral Density1780.00Click for Picture
    Offer86309Edmund Optics P53-355Base, Pivot15.70Click for Picture
    Offer4110Melles Griot 04PSM008Precision Split135.00
    Offer19958Melles Griot 07 HPA 05Polarizer Holder Adaptor130.00
    Offer19959Melles Griot 07 HPR 221Polarizer Holder182.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not23231Melles Griot 07 MHT 025Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount, Kinematic142.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not23230Melles Griot 07 MHT 035Mirror Mount, Kinematic948.00Click for Picture
    Offer124796Melles Griot 07 OCP 501Rail Carrier, Optical151.00
    Offer21275Melles Griot 07 PCS 002Post Holder, Collet440.00Click for Picture
    Offer21341Melles Griot 07 RPC 012Base, Mounting, Square Slotted913.00Click for Picture
    Offer124883Melles Griot 07-TSH-504Bracket, Angle1285.00
    Offer4707Melles Griot 07LHF006Lens Holder324.00Click for Picture
    Offer4708Melles Griot 07LHF007Lens Holder118.00
    Offer4052Melles Griot 07PCS001Post Holders, Collet246.00Click for Picture
    Offer4108Melles Griot 07PHM501Post Holders87.00Click for Picture
    Offer4694Melles Griot 07RES003Posts, Mounting85.00
    Offer79082Melles Griot 13DMA001Photodiode Modular Mount1185.00Click for Picture
    Offer124815Melles Griot 60-3Post Holder38.50
    Offer124550New Focus 9026Modular Riser134.75
    Offer124552New Focus 9028Modular Plate127.50
    Offer124555New Focus 9064Stage, X-Translation2147.00
    Offer118325New Focus 9551Pedestal, Fixed Height with Shim111.00
    Offer118324New Focus 9957Pedestal, Fixed Height with Shim111.00
    Offer21190Newport 07 PHS 006Post Holder9
    Offer21511Newport 100Base, Magnetic180.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not4015Newport 1484801Rod Wrench710.00
    Some Shown, Others Not2165Newport 150Base, Magnetic3200.00Click for Picture
    Offer110Newport 200Base, Magnetic3215.00Click for Picture
    Offer4112Newport 20Q20BS1Beamsplitter, Broadband 50/50 Dielectric1270.00
    Offer4113Newport 20Q20NC1Broadband Beam Samplers1240.00
    Offer123669Newport 271Jack, Lab, High Capacity1420.00
    Offer41794Newport 34Platform, Rotatable365.00Click for Picture
    Offer133526Newport 36SMulti-Axis Tilt Platform2210.00
    Offer123670Newport 37SPlatform, Tilt and Rotation1377.00
    Offer123609Newport 38Platform, Mounting319.00
    Offer41795Newport 39Platform, Tilt, 2-Axis295.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not20499Newport 400Stage, XY5320.00Click for Picture
    Offer124893Newport 405Stage, XY Translation1385.00
    Offer2271Newport 410CRod Clamps, Extra Long746.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not19426Newport 420Stage, Linear975.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not19423Newport 443Stage, Linear, Ball Bearing1180.00
    Offer133527Newport 443, MetricStage, Linear, Ball Bearing1180.00
    Offer124793Newport 460P-XYBall Bearing Linear Stage1330.00
    Some Shown, Others Not2155Newport 460XYZStage, XYZ2420.00Click for Picture
    Offer21395Newport 466Translator, 3 Axis1630.00Click for Picture
    Offer123611Newport 620-4Mirror Mount, Gimbal1417.00
    Offer108Newport 625A4Mirror Mounts, Kinematic, Rod-Mounted5200.00Click for Picture
    Offer4056Newport 630A6Mirror Mounts, Kinematic, Rod-Mounted2240.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not19615Newport 70Rod with Rack-Standard294.00Click for Picture
    Offer5194Newport 760Lens Positioner1775.00Click for Picture
    Offer2154Newport 810Laser Mount, Adjustable1225.00Click for Picture
    Offer4019Newport 811Laser Mounts, Precision-Adjustable1240.00Click for Picture
    Offer2269Newport 812Laser Mounts, Precision Adjustable1275.00Click for Picture
    Offer22594Newport 818-IS-1Fiber Optic Detector, Universal11,595.00Click for Picture
    Offer2662Newport 940Mounts, Variable Beamsplitter/Attenuator175.00Click for Picture
    Offer109Newport A43Mount, Kinematic Optical138.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not102Newport AC-2Chuck, Adjustable Radius330.00Click for Picture
    Offer123666Newport ALM-4Mount, Lens Adjustable2200.00
    Offer4017Newport ALM2Mount, Lens Adjustable1180.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not2211Newport AMB-3Bases, Adjustable Mounting750.00Click for Picture
    Offer55584Newport BC-2Clamp, Base, Fixed Height34.00
    Offer123610Newport BK-3ABase, Kinematic, Magnetic196.00
    Offer19618Newport BK-5Base, Kinematic, Locking3142.00Click for Picture
    Offer19619Newport BK-5-TBases, Kinematic, Top Plates for Locking280.00Click for Picture
    Offer124885Newport BP-2Base Plate, Specialized214.50
    Offer19599Newport BUP-2Base, Universal441.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not23214Newport C-1Collars63.50Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not19681Newport CB-2Bracket, Construction148.00Click for Picture
    Offer20250Newport CH-0.5Beamsplitter Holder, Cube157.00Click for Picture
    Offer2215Newport CL4Clamps, Tie Down125.00Click for Picture
    Offer7702Newport CN26-90Carriage, 90mm155.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not19961Newport CYH-2Lens Holder, Cylindrical192.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not19644Newport F-91TSStage, Tilt for use with F-915T Mode Fiber Coupler2225.00Click for Picture
    Offer2216Newport FCCClamp, Universal Cable240.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not21097Newport FH-1Filter Holder145.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not79076Newport FH-2Dual Filter Holder448.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not21359Newport FP-1Fiber Optic Positioner3160.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not51071Newport FP-2Fiber Optic Positioner1190.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not89Newport GM2Mirror Mount, Gimbal475.00Click for Picture
    Offer81733Newport i-MountIndexed Rotary Mount180.00Click for Picture
    Offer105Newport ISO13HOptical Isolator11,950.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not2660Newport LCA2Optic Holders, Universal294.50Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not101Newport LFM1Mount, Lens Focusing196.00Click for Picture
    Offer123667Newport LH-100Mount, Lens413.00
    Offer123675Newport LH-150Mount, Lens114.40
    Offer123674Newport LH-200Mount, Lens214.40
    Some Shown, Others Not19726Newport LM-1RMount, Lens518.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not100Newport LM2Lens Holder415.00Click for Picture
    Offer123604Newport LP-1-XYZPositioner, Lens, 3 Axis1179.00
    Offer123771Newport M-MSP-1.5Posts, Miniature124.80
    Offer123776Newport M-MSP-2Posts, Miniature245.40
    Some Shown, Others Not78974Newport MCFRail Carrier, Mini1214.50
    Offer2222Newport MH2Optic Holder220.00Click for Picture
    Offer2226Newport MH2POptic Holders518.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not3860Newport MM2AMirror/Beamsplitter Mounts130.00
    Offer19960Newport MT-AB2Bracket, Adaptor for Dovetail Linear Stage116.00Click for Picture
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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Optical Components:
    Aerotech, CVI Laser, Ealing Electro-Optics, Edmund Optics, Melles Griot, New Focus, Newport, Optosigma, Oriel, Thorlabs