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Spin Rinse Dryers

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  • Offered (box) or Wanted (coins)Item IDItem DescriptionSubstrate SizeController Cart MountedSRD Configuratn#PriceNote
    Offer35384Semitool 260SPSC 102noBenchtop111,250.00Click for Picture F*
    Offer159909Semitool 440S100 mmPSC-101noSingle Stack1Click for Picture
    Offer135639Semitool 4600L-5-2-E-VTUp to 380MMPCS 102noSingle Stack1Click for Picture F*
    Offer8999Semitool 460S5"PSC101noSingle Stack1Click for Picture
    Offer109800Semitool 470S6"PSC-101noBenchtop110,500.00Click for Picture F*
    Offer88241Semitool 870S 150 mmPSC102 noSingle Stack19,250.00Click for Picture F*
    Offer134446Semitool ST-240D75 mm328noDouble Stack115,000.00Click for Picture F*
    Some Shown, Others Not38830SRD ROTORSno19
    Some Shown, Others Not5475Verteq 1600-55M1075227YESDouble Stack214,500.00Click for Picture F*
    Offer20103Verteq 160055-A6"1600-NSCnoBenchtop18,100.00Click for Picture F*

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Spin Rinse Dryers:
    Semitool, Verteq