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Thermal Analysis

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    Offer161816Anter Labs 1161VDilatometer1Click for Picture
    Offer84523Datapaq TB4012Furnace Temperature Profiling System210,500.00Click for Picture
    Offer80085Datapaq Tracker PlusOven Temperature Profiling System13,530.00Click for Picture
    Offer3726Hart Scientific 7030Precision Calibration BathVery Good15,500.00Click for Picture
    Offer152813Hart Scientific 9112Calibration Furnace1Click for Picture
    Offer161514Mikron M330Blackbody Calibration Source2Click for Picture
    Offer84687Mikron M67SInfrared Temperature Transmitter12,350.00Click for Picture
    Offer85930Omega CL 950Dry Block Probe Calibrator11,900.00Click for Picture F*R*
    Offer84410Raytek MX4PUPrecision Infrared Thermometer1690.00Click for Picture R*

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Thermal Analysis:
    Anter Laboratories, Datapaq, Hart Scientific, Mikron, Omega, Raytek