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Capovani Brothers Inc stocks a variety of used and refurbished chillers with a wide range of cooling capacities and pump types. Visit our Helpful hints for selecting a used chiller page for more information regarding chiller selection and fluid pump types. Visit our Chiller Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures page for information regarding testing and refurbishment of used chillers.
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  • Item IDItem DescriptionMin TempCooling SystemMax FlowHeat/Cool Cntrl#PriceNote
    MakeModelExternal CoolngPump type/ModelCoolng CapacityControl Type
    »ºF  »ºK  ºC»BTU/hr  W»l/m  GPM$
    136018Advanced Thermal Sci MP 20N-GL-60Frcd Air Cooled1,000Programmable118,500.00
    123198Affinity CAA003J-custom5Frcd Air CooledPD-21,0004Programmable11,600.00
    98815Affinity CWA-200L-MP15CBDWater Cooled10,000Programmable29,000.00
    125068Affinity FWA-060K-BE41CBD45Water CooledTurbine TU-120,0003Programmable49,050.00 F*
    55398Affinity FWA-060L-BE13BD45Water CooledTurbine 2-HP22,870Programmable17,025.00
    110361Affinity FWA032K-DD19CBD44Water CooledTurbine 1.5-hp13,0006Digital Setpnt17,250.00
    121062Affinity PAA-003T CHILLER4Air CooledPD-21,0004Programmable151,900.00 F*
    113476Affinity PAA-005J CHILLER5Frcd Air CooledPD-2 Stainless steel2,0004Programmable22,350.00
    72753Affinity PWD-020K-CE70CBD4Water CooledS/S8,0006Digital Setpnt1
    158892Affinity PWG-060K-BE44CBD2-40Water CooledTurbine2,0004Programmable4
    82898Affinity RAA-005J-BE01CBC4Frcd Air CooledPD-12,0001Digital Setpnt12,750.00
    176717Affinity RAA-005J-CE01CBD4Air CooledPD-22,0004Digital Setpnt1
    159016Affinity RAJ-012T-CD54CBC5-10Frcd Air CooledTurbine1,400Programmable32,695.00
    111771Applied Thermal Cont KT-1 Range4Frcd Air CooledPD-2 Stainless steel1,0004Digital Setpnt31,850.00 F*
    83159ArctiChill PACRPV0200S47Frcd Air Cooled5-hp Centrifugal64,59290Digital Setpnt114,500.00
    136017Bay Voltex HT-3500-WC-SX-SS-RC-10Water CooledStainless steel turbine, MTH-T-311,0003Digital Setpnt12,500.00
    73648Cole Parmer Polystat G-01238-100Frcd Air CooledPD 2 5754Analog Setpoint11,650.00
    45990Coolwell Inc SE-082W5Water CooledPD-22,6884Digital Setpnt13,500.00
    90008Edwards Engineering CF-150A5Frcd Air Cooled5,278Analog Setpoint12,650.00
    77134Flow Cool Systems H00715Frcd Air CooledMD-309092Digital Setpnt11,250.00
    113559Freeze Co. FCAC-00015Frcd Air CooledCentrifugal3,5182Digital Setpnt13,500.00
    110533GC Industries Inc. Ice Wagon DH40ACLT-34Frcd Air Cooled1/2-hp Centrifugal8,95940Digital Setpnt118,400.00
    87894Haskris R050E5Water CooledPD-11,847112,100.00
    139995Lauda-Brinkmann WK5000Air Cooled1,2958Digital Setpnt13,100.00
    159197Lytron RC006G02BB15Frcd Air CooledPD-18251Digital Setpnt11,750.00
    173535Lytron RCO11J03DD3M1685Frcd Air CooledCentrifugal DD 1/2-HP1,7007Digital Setpnt1
    97535M&W Systems RPCX -12--A-B5Frcd Air CooledPD-11,1442Analog Setpoint12,100.00
    97168M&W Systems RPCX-17A-VER5Frcd Air CooledPD-11,1142Analog Setpoint12,300.00 F*
    133225M&W Systems RPCX-35-W-FA-3PH-RC5Water CooledPD-2 Stainless Steel3,5004Digital Setpnt12,800.00
    163878Modutek RCe 025-2500-2Air Cooled22,300.00
    56356Mydax 2H14A-SS5Frcd Air CooledPD-2 Stainless steel4,1002Programmable14,950.00
    130227Neslab CFT-255Frcd Air CooledMD-305805Analog Setpoint1
    76996Neslab CFT-335Frcd Air CooledMD-50 Special9504Programmable1
    122679Neslab CFT-33M5Frcd Air CooledPD-29504Analog Setpoint11,400.00
    159227Neslab CFT-755Frcd Air CooledPD-22,1504Digital Setpnt12,750.00
    142852Neslab CFT-755Frcd Air CooledPD-22,1504Analog Setpoint2
    179408Neslab HX-150-16Frcd Air CooledPD-24,1634Digital Setpnt1
    179409Neslab HX-150-16Frcd Air CooledPD 2 4,1634Digital Setpnt1
    164364Neslab HX-1505Frcd Air CooledCP-554,16310Digital Setpnt13,800.00
    181980Neslab HX-2005Frcd Air CooledCP-259,00010Analog Setpoint1 N*
    61751Neslab HX-505Frcd Air CooledPD-21,2504Digital Setpnt12,350.00
    69145Neslab HX-755Frcd Air CooledPD-22,0004Analog Setpoint12,550.00
    164223Neslab HX-75 High Temperature5Frcd Air CooledTU-12,0003Digital Setpnt22,800.00
    150719Neslab HX-75 High Temperature5Frcd Air CooledCP-252,0006Programmable1
    90155Neslab HX-900WC5Water CooledTU-938,00023Digital Setpnt1 F*
    179415Neslab M-255Frcd Air CooledMD-305805Programmable1
    179410Neslab M-335Frcd Air CooledPD-21,2504Programmable1
    82407Neslab M-33 5Frcd Air CooledPD-1-@ 1-gpm or PD-2 @4-gpm1,250Digital Setpnt6
    76813Neslab M-335Frcd Air CooledMD-301,2505Digital Setpnt2
    101194Neslab M-33 50/60 Hz5Frcd Air CooledPD-21,2504Digital Setpnt1
    103209Neslab M-33 Di Water 50/60-hz5Frcd Air CooledPD-11,2501Digital Setpnt2
    56589Neslab RS-22350.00
    47298Neslab SYSTEM 5000Water CooledSpecial Immersion pump150,00060Programmable18,600.00
    176562Opti Temp Inc. OTC-.5A8Air CooledPositive Displacement / P21,3404Programmable1
    77133PolyScience 6205-10Frcd Air CooledMD-301,2005Digital Setpnt52,500.00
    133352PolyScience 6305P-5Air Cooled PD-11,1002Digital Setpnt12,500.00
    126467Remcor CH-751-A4Frcd Air CooledMD-301,2505Digital Setpnt11,950.00 F*
    159265Thermo Scientific ThermoFlex 100005Frcd Air CooledCP-7510,00016Programmable2
    1626Webber A80225-18Frcd Air CooledTurbine7014Digital Setpnt1

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    Advanced Thermal Sciences, Affinity, Applied Thermal Cont, ArctiChill, Bay Voltex, Cole Parmer, Coolwell Inc, Edwards Engineering, Flowcool Systems Limited, Freeze Co., GC Industries Inc., Haskris, LAUDA-Brinkmann, Lytron, M&W Systems, Modutek, Mydax, Neslab, Opti Temp Inc., PolyScience, Remcor, Thermo Scientific, Webber