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Capovani Brothers Inc. stocks a variety of used bath/circulators. Typical manufacturers include Fisher Scientific, Haake, Hart Scientific, Lauda-Brinkmann, and Neslab. Visit our Helpful hints for selecting a used bath/circulator. Visit our Used Baths/Circulators Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures page for information regarding testing and refurbishment of used bath/circulators.
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  • Item IDItem DescriptionMax TempMin TempExternal Coolng#PriceNote
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    78138Fisher Scientific 8001100701995.00
    87615Haake F-3 Controller withCH Refrigerated Bath1500Frcd Air Cooled11,450.00
    102217Haake Phoenix P2 Controller with B5 Bath /Circulator28038Water Cooled12,450.00
    422Hart Scientific 5003 Bath/Circulator110-10Frcd Air Cooled23,450.00 F*
    3823Lauda-Brinkmann RCS20-D150-30Frcd Air Cooled13,750.00
    3724Lauda-Brinkmann RM 20 B100-20Frcd Air Cooled12,950.00
    98718Neslab EX-21013021Water Cooled21,250.00
    109395Neslab EX-211-MP150-10Frcd Air Cooled12,300.00
    87982Neslab EX-5101002111,045.00
    782Neslab EX502DD13030Air Cooled81,250.00
    170027Neslab RTE-7 Digital Plus150-25Frcd Air Cooled12,400.00
    170043Neslab RTE-7 Digital Plus with Automatic Refill150-25Frcd Air Cooled12,400.00
    159196Neslab RTE-740 Digital Plus 50-Hz200-40Frcd Air Cooled1
    165313Reynoldstech Custom--4500 WattAir Cooled13,500.00

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Bath/Circulators:
    Fisher Scientific, Haake, Hart Scientific, LAUDA-Brinkmann, Neslab, Reynoldstech