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  • Item IDItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNote
    94820Advanced Motion Cont DR101EE30A40NACBBrushless Servo Amplifier1500.00
    6779Aerotech 4005Stepping Motor Translator4350.00
    39991Aerotech AS32020Brushless Servo Amplifier1400.00
    5449Aerotech UNIDEX 100Positioning Drive81,300.00 F*
    583Aerotech UNIDEX 11Programmable Multi-axis Controller11,950.00
    66135Aerotech UNIDEX 12Three Axis Stepping Motor Controller12,100.00
    2101Aerotech UNIDEX 14One Step Motor Drive11,200.00
    1769Aerotech UNIDEX XIThree Axis Stepping Motor Controller13,000.00
    43661Anorad DLM2-5Servo Controller22,820.00
    94802Baldor DBSC105-GAACAC Servo Drive1800.00
    57192Compumotor AT64504 Axis Servo Controller11,300.00
    87125Compumotor DB-DriveStepper Drive1180.00
    81786Compumotor S57-83Stepper Drive/Indexer1750.00
    84781Compumotor ZETA4Stepper Motor Drive 9485.00
    84780Compumotor ZETA4-240Stepper Motor Drive4485.00
    43165Compumotor ZETA57-102Stepper Motor Drive7760.00
    63338Electro-Craft BDC-25LBrush-less Amplifier3790.00
    63337Electro-Craft BSA-30Servo Amplifier31,255.00
    84686Giddings & Lewis DSM100Servo Amplifier21,500.00 F*
    39847Infranor SMTBD1-220/30-TBS-DPServo Controller71,650.00
    81173miCos SMC BASIC2 Axis Positioning Controller11,250.00 F*
    63196Modicon M100DCyberline Digital Servo Drive41,200.00
    428Newport 855CProgrammable Motion Control System13,000.00
    46789Newport 860SccPositioning Controller7350.00
    5442Newport MM3000-44 Axis Stepper Motion Controller 11
    4781Newport PMC100Single Axis Control1600.00
    95921Oriental Motor UDK5114N-MStepper motor control1450.00
    86460Physik Instrumente E-463High Voltage Piezoelectric Translator41,995.00
    91743Physik Instrumente E-501.00Modular Piezo Control Systems 12,200.00
    136569Physik Instrumente P-864.003 Axis Peizo Electric Controller/Driver11,725.00

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Positioning Controllers:
    Advanced Motion Controls, Aerotech, Anorad, Baldor, Compumotor, Electro-Craft, Giddings & Lewis, Infranor, miCos GmbH, Modicon, Newport, Oriental Motor, Physik Instrumente