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The Level of Refurbishment We Do As a Minimum to Used Cryopumps:
We begin with an overall assessment of cryopump and its components. The cryopump is facilitated and made operational in its current    state of condition. This allows us to identify areas which may be problematic or need attention giving us a good sense of the overall condition of the    vacuum pump before we begin the actual refurbishment process.
Main sealing surface is visually inspected for scratches, dings and wear that could potentially cause a leak. Conflat sealing surfaces are especially    critical and must be in near perfect condition. Nicks, dings or deep scratches on the knife edge of the sealing surface are not tolerated.
Both the 15K and 80K arrays are inspected for corrosion and degradation and replaced as necessary.
Radiation shield is inspected for corrosion and degradation. Shields are refurbished or replaced as necessary.
Pump can is inspected for corrosion and deformation. Cans that need electro-polishing are sent out. Deformed pump cans are not sold.
Heat pump is inspected for visual signs of wear and operated to access performance and audible noises indicating mechanical wear. If needed heat    pump is rebuilt where the interior is cleaned and seals and bearings are replaced.
Regeneration purge fitting inspected, verified, and seals replaced as necessary.
Pressure relief valve is inspected, verified and seals replaced as necessary.
Hydrogen vapor bulb assembly is inspected, verified and replaced as necessary.
Silicon diode temperature sensor is inspected, verified and replaced as necessary.
The vacuum pump's cryogenic performance is verified and it is leak checked.

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