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The Level of Refurbishment We Do As a Minimum to Helium Leak Detectors:
Roughing pump oil is drained, flushed and replaced with new, pump performance verified. If not operating to OEM specifications vacuum pump is rebuilt.

Dry vacuum pumps are cleaned, performance verified. If not operating to OEM specifications dry pump is rebuilt.

Turbo vacuum pump if equipped, is tested, performance verified, leak checked. Turbo pumps with noisy bearings or not performing to OEM specifications are rebuilt.

Diffusion vacuum pump if equipped has the interior components removed and cleaned. Pump body interior cleaned. Cooling circuit flushed and checked for leaks. Heater performance is tested and verified replaced as needed. Over temperature device on heater is tested, verified, and replaced as needed. NB: If heaters are not supplied with specified voltage they will not perform as specified. Entire vacuum pump is Helium vacuum leak checked.

Mass spectrometer tube is tested, leak checked, performance verified. Cleaned and serviced as necessary.

Electronics cleaned, checked, verified and repaired and replaced as necessary.

Calibrated leak if installed checked and verified, replaced as necessary.

Operation of leak detector tested over entire range.

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