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Our Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedure for Used Industrial Ovens and Lab Ovens:
Ovens are cleaned and inspected
Fan motor bearings are inspected, and replaced as needed
Heating elements are tested and replaced as needed
Controller and associated electrical controls are inspected and tested (Controller upgrades are available)
Door hinges, latch and gasket are inspected
When applicable water and gas solenoids are tested and replaced as needed
Vacuum ovens are leak tested
All used ovens are run at maximum temperature for several hours

Affect of input voltage on used laboratory ovens and used industrial ovens:
Manufacturers typically rate the performance of their ovens at a given voltage. If the oven is operated at a lower voltage it may not perform as specified by the manufacturer. For example: If oven model ABC is designed to operate at 240 VAC and is rated for a max temperature of 400°C it may not reach this if operated at 208 VAC, in some cases it may reach specified maximum temperature but the time to achieve this will be longer than specified.

We stock a large variety of used ovens including Belt Ovens, Burn-In Ovens, Clean Room Ovens, Gravity Convection Ovens, Inert Gas Ovens, Mechanical Convection Ovens, Vacuum Ovens, and more.  

To view a list of used laboratory ovens and industrial ovens by manufacturer, click the corresponding links below.
Blue M, BMA Inc., BTU Engineering, Despatch, Fisher Scientific, GCA/Precision Scientific, Grieve, Heller, Heraeus, Hotpack, Lab-Line, Lindberg, NAPCO, Precision Scientific, Shel-Lab, Tenney, Thermotron, VWR Scientific and Yield Engineering Systems.

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Mechanical Convection Ovens

VWR Scientific 1370M

Clean Room Ovens

Blue M DCC-256C

Vacuum Ovens

VWR Scientific 1410