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Our Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures for Used Microscopes:
All microscopes are inspected for optical alignment, parfocality and parcentricity.
Optics are thoroughly inspected, and cleaned.
All mechanical mechanisms such as focus drives, nose piece drives, stages and other mechanisms are inspected, cleaned and lubricated.
Microscope accessories including illuminators, wafer loaders, cameras, stands and others are checked for performance, serviced and repaired as necessary.
All microscopes and their components are tested throughout their capability.

We stock a large variety of used microscopes including Upright Microscopes, Inverted Microscopes, Stereo Microscopes, Measuring Microscopes, Wafer Inspection Microscopes and SEMs.

To view our complete stock of used microscopes and accessories, visit our Microscopes category.

To view a complete list of microscopes and microscope accessories by manufacturer, click the corresponding links below.
American Optical, Bausch & Lomb, Leica, Leitz, Mitutoyo, Nikon, Olympus, Semprex, Wild, and Zeiss.

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Upright Microscopes

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Stereo Microscopes
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