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Our Refurbishment Process for Thin Film Deposition Systems:
Whether you are looking for a fully refurbished PVD tool or a fully functional used deposition system Capovani Brothers has a solution. The reality is that every customer's needs and budgets are different. As we have learned though the years the main reason for buying used equipment is a better value and higher return on investment. Our goal is to provide a PVD tool that will meet the OEM specs and meet our customer's expectations with consideration to budget and level of refurbishment.

There are many levels for refurbishment that can be performed on a thin film deposition system. They range from a fully functional used system were all components are checked, verified for performance and the system operates to OEM specs to a complete overhaul refurbishment of the tool, where vacuum pumps are rebuilt, gas manifold replaced as new, MFCs cleaned and recalibrated, vacuum valves rebuilt, all seals replaced, cleaning of chamber, fixtures, shielding and so on. Capovani Brothers has capability to meet your refurbishment requirements what ever they may be. We also can perform customizations to the thin film deposition system as well. Don't be deterred if the PVD tool you see does not match your requirements. We routinely add and modify the tools we have to meet our customer's requirements. Let us know what you requirements are.

The Level of Refurbishment We Do As A Minimum to Each PVD System:
We begin with an overall assessment of system and its components. The deposition tool is facilitated and made operational in its current state of condition. This allows us to identify areas which may be problematic or need attention giving us a good sense of the overall condition before we begin the actual refurbishment process.

Chamber is dismantled and all components removed, inspected for deficiencies and cleaned (glass bead     blast). Components included but not limited to; chamber shielding, substrate fixtures, lamp shielding,     shutters, feedthroughs, deposition monitors, etc.
Chamber viewing windows are replaced if needed.
Rings and seals replace as needed.
Vacuum valves are cleaned, leak checked and seals replaced as needed.
High vacuum pumps, turbo molecular, cryogenic, and diffusion are inspected for signs of deposition on     internal components. Pumps not performing to specification or in need of cleaning are rebuilt.
    See our Cryogenic Vacuum Pump refurbishing document. Cryogenic Vacuum Pumps - Refurbishment and     Functional Testing Procedure:
Mechanical pumps and roots blowers are verified that they achieve specified base pressure. Pumps with     noisy bearings or ones that do not perform within specification are rebuilt.
Cryo Compressor (if equipped) is leak checked, cleaned, tested, verified and repaired as necessary, water     cooled units have the cooling circuit flushed.
Power supplies whether it is a Direct Current (DC), Radio Frequency (RF) or High Voltage, Ion Beam or     combination of are tested throughout their range, internal components cleaned, tightened, verified and     repaired as necessary.
RF generator (if equipped) is tested for RF leakage.
E Beam gun (if installed) is dismantled, cleaned (glass bead blast), IPA washed, filaments replaced, tested,     verified and repaired as necessary.
Feedthroughs such as high voltage, electrical, gas, water, rotary and the like are cleaned, tested, verified     and replaced or repaired as necessary.
Load lock transfer mechanism, if equipped, is inspected, verified and repaired as necessary.
Cooling lines inspected for cracks, wear and deformation, flow is verified, lines and flow meters replaced as     needed.
Heat lamps (if installed) are cleaned, tested, verified and repaired or replaced as necessary.
Crystal monitors removed, cleaned, crystals replaced, tested and verified.
Deposition controllers cleaned, tested, verified and repaired as necessary.
Chiller, if equipped is tested and verified.

Optional Refurbished Items for Thin Film Deposition:
Vacuum pumps rebuilt.
Cryogenic compressor sent out for rebuild.
Chamber and components sent out for UHP cleaning.
Replace all cooling lines and flow meters.
Replace all o rings and seals in the system.
Rebuild vacuum valves.
Rebuild transfer robots where equipped.

We stock a large variety of used thin film deposition tools equipment including used electron beam(e-beam) evaporators, resistance evaporators, standalone sputtering systems, cluster sputtering tools, horizontal sputtering systems and more.   To view our entire inventory of used Thin Film Deposition Tools, visit our Physical Vapor Deposition Tools category

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