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Our Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedure for Used Turbo Pumps:
Turbo pumps are cleaned, helium leak tested and checked for bearings noise.
Conflat, ISO, ASA or KF flanges are inspected for damage.
Oil is replaced if discolored for oil lubricated pumps.
Turbo pumps are then tested to full rotation speed with an appropriate turbo vacuum pump controller and backing pump.

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Alcatel, Balzers, Balzers-Pfeiffer, Ebara Technologies, Edwards Vacuum, Leybold, Osaka Vacuum Ltd., Seiko Seiki, and Varian.

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Some manufacturers include:

Turbo Pumps

Leybold MAG W 1300C

Edwards EXT75DX

Turbo Pump Controllers

Varian V1000 HT

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