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Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS).

The Gatan 691 is a completely self-contained, compact, bench-top precision ion polishing system designed to
produce high quality TEM specimens having exceptionally large, clean, electron transparent areas.

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Location: Scotia, New York, United States
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Manufacturer Gatan
Model 691 PIPS
Description Precision Ion Polishing System

External vacuum pump:  Model: 691.05651

Other Information 

This system is a completely self-contained, compact, bench-top precision ion polishing system designed to produce high quality TEM specimens having exceptionally large, clean, electron transparent areas. Ion polishing is done by two variable angle, miniature Penning ion guns. The operating angle of each gun(± 10°) is independent of one another and both have the ability to accurately center the beam onto the specimen at any angle within this range. The Penning guns incorporate powerful rare earth magnets and are capable of very high thinning rates. This makes it possible to thin specimens at very low angles in a reasonably short time. Each gun is mounted in a universal joint so that x and z alignment drives can be used to center the beams on the specimen. An optical microscope may also be used to inspect the specimen in its working position at any time during the thinning process, and also to achieve very precise control over the final stage of specimen thinning. Careful design of the gun's ion optics has virtually eliminated cathode aperture erosion and as a result gun maintenance is rarely required and specimen contamination from the ion gun is minimal. Specimen contamination is also reduced by using an oil free vacuum system which is completely contained within the bench top unit and by using the Gatan single-sided specimen post which eliminates transfer of material onto the specimen by secondary sputtering from the specimen platform. The single-sided specimen post also provides excellent thermal contact with the specimen and prevents specimens from being overheated by the ion beam. The specimen post further has the advantage that it allows the specimen to have an unobstructed view of the ion beam and thus ion polishing can be performed at angles approaching 0°.

Ion Guns: Two Penning ion guns with miniature rare earth magnets
Milling angle: fixed, about 0°
Beam Energy:1.5keV to 6keV
Beam diameter: 350µm FWHM at 5keV - 800 µm FWHM at 5KeV for Broad Beam guns
Current Density:10mA/cm2 Peak
Beam alignment:Precision beam alignment using fluorescent screen
Specimen Stage : Sample Size:3mm or 2.3mm
Mounting: Gatan patented DuoPost™ (Standard) or Graphite Holder (Optional) (contact us for more information about which mounting options are available)
Rotation: Variable from 1 to 6rpm
Beam Modulation: Single or double sector for exceptional cross-sectioning
Vacuum: Dry Pumping System
Molecular drag pump backed by a 2-Stage diaphragm pump (external)
Pressure: 5E-6Torr base pressure, 8E-5Torr operating pressure
Vacuum gauge: Penning type for main chamber. Solid-state for backing pump.
Specimen airlock: Gatan Whisperlok™
Specimen exchange time 30 seconds

CE Marked YES

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