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in Heat Exchangers, Water to Water
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Water to Water Heat Exchanger

In addition to this Affinity EWA-NACA-049CB, Capovani Brothers Inc stocks a wide range of used heating and cooling equipment, including bath/circulators, baths, chillers, heat exchangers, heating circulators, and immersion coolers. Typical manufacturers include Advanced Thermal Sciences, Affinity/Lydall, Bay Voltex, Cole Parmer, Fisher Scientific, Haake, Hart Scientific, Lauda, Neslab, PolyScience and VWR Scientific.

To view our complete stock of used bath and chiller equipment, visit our Baths and Chillers Category.

Learn about our Water to Water Heat Exchangers Functional Testing Procedures

This used heat exchanger and all the other used and refurbished semiconductor, scientific, and laboratory equipment listed on this website are owned by Capovani Brothers Inc. and stored at our facility in Scotia, NY.

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Location: Scotia, New York, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Affinity
Model EWA-NACA-049CB
Cooling System 
  External Cooling Water Cooled
  Pump type/Model PD-2 Procon
  Cooling Capacity 20,000  W  (68,213 BTU/hr)
Heat/Cool Controls 
  Control Type Digital Setpoint
Minimum Temperature 4  ºC  (39 ºF, 277.00 ºK)
Maximum Temperature 30  ºC  (86 ºF, 303 ºK)
Temperature Control 
  Control Stability ± 0.500 ºC
Min Flow 1  GPM  (3.80 l/m)
Max Flow 4  GPM  (15.20 l/m)
Minimum Pressure 1.000  PSI  (68.95 mbar, 6,895.30 Pa)
Maximum Pressure 60.000  PSI  (4,137.18 mbar, 413,718.00 Pa)
Other Information 20,000 watts with facility water @ 11c
Power Requirements 115 V     15.0 A     60 Hz     1 Phase
CE Marked YES
Exterior Dimensions 
  Width 19.000  in  (48.3 cm)
  Depth 27.000  in  (68.6 cm)
  Height 18.500  in  (47.0 cm)
Weight 116  lb  (53 kg)