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Closed Loop Helium Gas CryoCooler Cooling System


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Location: Scotia, New York, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer A.S. Scientific Prod
Model Custom
Description Helium Gas Cryocooler -- Closed Loop
Minimum Temperature -243  ºC  (-405 ºF, 30.00 ºK)
Cool Down Time  (min:s)


  • (2) Cryomech AL325 Cryocooler Specifications
  • (2) Cryomech CP1110 Helium Compressor System Drawing
  • (2) Helium transfer lines, 10'
  • (2) Cryozone Noordenwind CryoFan Product Description
  • (1) Oerlikon TMP 151 Turbo Pump and TD20 Turbo Drive


Other Information 

System Design

  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber
  • (2)AL325 cryocoolers, (2) Cryofans and (2) extended spindle manual on/off WEKA valves (DN20 PN25 min, heatloss per valve 1 W approx)
  • Internal plumbing is nominal 16mm I/D with suitable Swagelok VCR fittings and flexible hoses to compensate for differential contraction rates.
  • Vacuum Transfer Line with two off DN16CF flanges and the vacuum connection to be ISO-K160, total length one meter
  • ISO-K 160 Pumping Port on the chamber.
  • (3) Electrical feedthroughs for adequate diagnostics.
  • (1) Vacuum pressure gauge (high pressure)
  • (1) Low pressure digital Pirani transmitter

Operation principle, see "Assembly View.pdf":

System is a closed loop Helium cooler, loop is filled with He through "Gas entry manifold"
Two cryo cold heads are cooling He gas pushed by two cryo fans, cold heads are connected in parallel for doubling cooling capacity.
Cold heads are operated by He compressors, He lines from compressors to the cold heads are at the room temperature and not connected to the cold He cooling loop.
For thermal isolation cold He lines are placed inside the vacuum tank.
Cold He gas "IN" and "OUT" connections are VCR fittings inside ISO-K 160 elbow (see "other images" photo #1 and #6).
Elbow is connected to the vacuum tank.
Tank is pumped down by the turbo pump installed on the bottom (see "other images" photo #8).
Backing pump for the turbo is required (not included).

Cryofans / Heat exchangers Specification:

  • T He at HX exit: 29.82K
  • Flow: 11 g/s @ 30K, 5 barg
  • Available dP: 4500 Pa at exit of HX (6500 Pa generated by the fan, -2000 Pa due to HX)
  • Available cooling power: 1 x 109 W at exit of HX (128 W from cooler, -6 and -13 W due to static and dynamic fan losses)
  • Heat generated due to other parts should also be considered

Power Requirements

Cryomech Compressor Package CP1110

  • 380/415V, 17.5A, 3PH, 50Hz or 440/480V, 17A, 60Hz
Extended Description  Details at Assembly View.pdf

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