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6-Axis Cartesian Assembly Manipulator

XPO/Esec Model CT-2000

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Location: Scotia, New York, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 2
Manufacturer ESEC
Model CT-2000
XYZ Work Cell Dimensions X: 23.00  in  (584 mm)     Y: 27.00  in  (686 mm)     Z: 4.00  in  (102 mm)
Substrate Size Minimum Length: 3.0000  in  (7.62 cm, 76.2 mm)     Width: 3.0000  in  (7.62 cm, 76.2 mm)
Substrate Size Maximum 
  Length 20.000  in  (50.8 cm)
  Width 12.000  in  (30.5 cm)
Intregrated Vision System YES
Vision Driven Accuracy 0.0020  in  (0.01 cm)
Planar Repeatability 0.0010  in  (0.00 cm)
  X Axis 1,500.0  mm/s  (59.055 in/s)
  Y Axis 1,500.0  mm/s  (59.055 in/s)
  Z Axis 500.0  mm/s  (19.685 in/s)
  X Axis 2.00  µm  (0.00008 in)
  Y Axis 2.00  µm  (0.00008 in)
  Z Axis 0.98  µm  (0.00004 in)
  X-Y Plane 0.02  mm  (0.0008 in, 0.00 cm)
  Z Axis 0.01  mm  (0.0004 in, 0.00 cm)
Theta Axis Torque 0.41  lb-ft  (0.56 N-m)
Maximum Payload 10.00  lb  (4.54 kg)
Other Information System Features:
  • Adept MV-10 Controller
  • Motorola Processor (40 MHz, 60 Mb DRAM)
  • V+ version 13.1G software (Aim version 2.3G)
  • X, Y, and Z servo amps by Western Servo Design
  • (2) SONY XC-75 table-mounted cameras with Zoom 70 lens
  • Additional vision system mounted on Z-axis
  • Placement accuracy of 0.002"
    May be configured for the following feeder systems:
  • Wafer Die Ejector Series II -- 4, 6, 8" capable
  • 4 x 4" Waffle Pack -- 9 wafer pack capacity
  • Gel-Pak Feeding System -- 4x4", 20 Gel-Pak capacity
  • Matrix Tray Changer -- for std matrix, supplier trays, or waffle packs
  • JEDEC Tray Stack Feeder -- feeds trays through to work envelope
  • SMD Tape Feeder -- 7 or 13" reels; tape widths from 8-44mm
  • Die Eject Tape Feeder -- tape widths from 8-32mm
  • Flip Chip Tape Feeder -- tape widths from 8-44mm
  • SMD Stick Feeder -- vibratory feeders for components in sticks (JEDEC norm)
Year of Manufacture 2001
Condition Excellent
Exterior Dimensions 
  Width 42.000  in  (106.7 cm)
  Depth 47.000  in  (119.4 cm)
  Height 65.000  in  (165.1 cm)

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