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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionWidthLengthThicknessTabletop Height#PriceNotes
»cm  in»cm  in»cm  in»mm  in$
195382 Newport 16" High Rigid LegsSet of four rigid legs 1
195991 Newport I-2000 -- 28" HighSet of four Isolators with leveling valves 1
182972 Newport I-2000 -- 28" HighSet of four Isolators 1 F*
218943 Newport I-2000 CleanroomHigh Performance Vibration Isolator - Set of 6 ... 1 N*
4951 Newport N/AOptical Table/Active Air Mounts48.00240.0018.00 1
207201 Newport UnknownOptical Breadboard Table with Isolators48.0096.0012.00 1 4,450.00
195380 Newport XL-A --16" High IsolatorSet of Four Isolators 1
195229 Newport XL-A --18" High IsolatorSet of four Isolators 1
195227 Newport XL-A --22" High IsolatorSet of four Isolators 1
195232 Newport XL-G -- 25.5" High IsolatorSet of four Isolators 2
195381 Newport XL-G --16" High IsolatorSet of four Isolators 1
84794 Technical Mfg Corp 14M-421-35 BaseOptical Table Base/Active Air Mounts42.5062.5012.00 1 2,250.00 F*
203089 Technical Mfg Corp 4' X 2' X 2"4'x2' Optical Breadboard23.0047.001.88 1 750.00
198800 Technical Mfg Corp 78-23764-01Clean Top II Breadboard with Active Isolation35.0047.004.0034.00 2
198802 Technical Mfg Corp 783-655-02RClean Top II Optical Table with Active Isolation48.0096.0012.00 1

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Newport, Technical Manufacturing Corporation