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High Voltage Power Supplies

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Capovani Brothers Inc stocks a variety of used high voltage power supplies with a wide range of voltages, amps and panel meters to choose from. Typical manufacturers include Bertan, Glassman, Hitek Power Systems, Pacific Precision, and Spellman. Visit our Used High Voltage Power Supplies Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures page for more information about our refurbishment and testing process of used high voltage power supplies.

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Item IDItem DescriptionVoltage Max kVAmps Max mABipolarPanel Meters#PriceNotes
172335 Glassman + PS/FC05P24 or - PS/FC05N245.024.0NoDigital 4 1,999.00
39063 Glassman - PS/EH05N20L or + PS/EH05P20L5.020.0NoAnalog 4 1,100.00 F*
143190 Glassman PS/EL10N4-10.04.0NoAnalog 1 2,750.00
143191 Glassman PS/EL10P410.04.0NoAnalog 1 2,750.00
38577 Glassman WX20N50YB2-20.050.0NoAnalog 1 2,750.00
100831 Hipotronics R2.5B2.54.0Analog 1
39910 Hitek Power Sys 0L330/103NA-10.033.0Analog 6
39887 Hitek Power Sys OL8000/144/08140.0114.0None 4
39884 Hitek Power Sys OL8000/803/1080.0100.0None 5
39617 Kaiser Systems 600080.020.0NoNone 2
39618 Kaiser Systems S6-160-100160.0100.0NoNone 1 F*
100223 Lambda Physik 28067972None 1 F*
249338 Spellman SL20P300 - Positive Polarity20.015.0NoDigital 1 N*
99645 Spellman SLS230P3450X3488230.015.0NoNone 1
160653 Spellman SR10PN16/X283310.01,600.0YesDigital 1

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under High Voltage Power Supplies:
Glassman, Hipotronics, Hitek Power Systems, Kaiser Systems, Lambda Physik, Spellman