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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionYr Made#PriceNotes
41511 Cascade Microtech 104-030KTriax SSMC Adapter 1 250.00
191761 GGB Industries Inc. 10 Microwave Probe BodyMicrowave Probe -- High Performance Body -- New 3
191762 GGB Industries Inc. 10 Microwave Probe BodyMicrowave Probe -- High Performance Body 8
120673 LIGHT TIGHT PROBER ENCLOSUREStainless Steel Prober Enclosure 1 2,250.00 F*
3962 Micromanipulator 2230Electromigration Test Station 1
64448 Micromanipulator 79-FPCB-T-03Triaxial Probe 1 295.00
84350 Signatone PSDB-1170Light Tight Prober Enclosure 1 3,250.00 F*
42135 Signatone S-1043-6TThermo-Chuck Controller 1 1,925.00

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Probe Equipment:
Cascade Microtech, GGB Industries Inc., Micromanipulator, Signatone