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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes
206687 Ace Glass Inc. Unknown100 L Jacketed Kilo Scale Reactor System 1 18,500.00
235312 Avestin EmulsiFlex-C3High Pressure Homogenizer - 3 L/H 1 F*
218864 Brunswick Scientific Innova 4200Incubator Shaker 1
137890 CEM Mars 5Microwave Accelerated Reaction System 1
131267 Clean Link NoneTwo Compartment Mobile Mini Environment 2
218762 DMS VSM 10Vibrating Sample Magnetometer 1
155721 Dwyer ISDP-006Differential Pressure Transmitter 1
42694 Fisher Sci ACCUMET 915pH Meter 1 495.00
194709 Fuji Paudal QJ-230TSpheronizer Marumerizer -- Lab Scale 1
113465 Gilson 215Multiple Probe 215 SPE 1
113472 Gilson 215Liquid Handler 1
246832 Hobart QS-1HOBART QS-1 Stainless Steel Refrigerator 1
248723 Honeywell DL5PPB-400-0000Dissolved Oxygen Probe 1 869.00 N*
165312 Interlab T52997W-HXTank--Heated--Stainless Steel 1
160435 Isles Airclean MVF-524Modular Vertical Flow Work Station 1
55376 KGI 72120Serological Borosilicate Glass Pipet 2 166.00
117861 LabGuard Corporation LFR-1000Laminar Flow Recirculator 1 2,700.00
28562 Laminaire DWS 630Laminar Flow Work Station 1 3,000.00
16977 Laminaire DWS 636Laminar Flow Work Station 1 3,000.00
52383 Lesco HOTSPOTHot Air Curing System 1 F*
194897 Mettler DL77Titrator with Rondo 60 Sample 1
190333 Mettler DM40Density Meter -- New in the box 1
131289 MOBILE MINI ENVIRONMENT 5.1 CU. FT.Single Compartment Mobile Mini Environment 3
195884 NuAire Inc NU-425-600Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinet / Hood, 6' 2
77344 Omega OS900AInfrared Thermometer 1
4330 Perkin Elmer Elan 6000 seriesOrganic Sample Introduction Kit 6
48120 Quailmetrics 5021Hygrothermograph 1 300.00
177104 Rame Hart 100-00-115Contact Angle Goniometer 1
206302 Rame Hart 190-F2Contact Angle Goniometer 1
248714 Steel Rule Diemaster PC 12Pneumatic Clicker Press 1 N*
195903 Yamato GAS410Solvent Recovery Unit, 1300 mL/h or more 1
195989 Yasui Seiki Mirwec Mini Labo Type 3-665Roll to Roll Microgravure Lab Coater - 5" 1

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Laboratory Equipment:
Ace Glass Inc., Avestin, Brunswick Scientific, CEM, Clean Link, DMS, Dwyer, Fisher Scientific, Fuji Paudal, Gilson, Hobart, Honeywell, Interlab, Isles Airclean, Kimble Glass Incorporated, LabGuard Corporation, Laminaire, Lesco, Mettler, NuAire Inc, Omega, Perkin Elmer, Quailmetrics, Rame Hart, Steel Rule Diemasters, Inc., Yamato, Yasui Seiki Mirwec