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Capovani Brothers Inc stocks a wide range of roots pumps. There are a variety of pumping speeds and flange size options available. Typical manufacturers include Alcatel, Balzers, Busch, Edwards Vacuum, and Stokes Vacuum, Learn more about our Roots Pumps Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures.

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPumping SpeedUltimate PressInlet FlangeDry Pump#PriceNotes
»l/m  CFM»mbar  torr»in  mm$
151658 Aerzen GLB 16.13 HV 3
89960 Alcatel RSV 350176.91.50E-4ISO-F100.0 1 1,500.00
4485 Balzers WKP5007.50E4ISO-F100.0YES 1 4,500.00
163953 Edwards EH1200601.07.50E-3ISO-K160.0 2
3538 Edwards EH250220.07.50E-4ISO-K63.0 2 4,250.00
167778 Edwards EH500AISO-F100.0 2 4,100.00
39983 Edwards QMB500F250.17.00E-4100.0 1 4,900.00
3533 Leybold WAU250169.0ASA76.2 1 3,900.00
6340 Leybold WAU501341.03.00E-2ISO-K63.0 1
3537 Leybold WS150100.01.00E-4ASA76.2 1 3,500.00
700 Leybold WS500330.01.00E-4ASA76.2 4
3556 Leybold WS501297.06.00E-4ISO-K63.0 2
108244 Leybold WSU151ASA76.2 3 4,400.00
3554 Leybold WSU151108.11.00E-4ASA76.2 3
3107 Leybold WSU501297.01.00E-5ISO-K63.0 1 6,500.00

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Roots Pumps:
Aerzen, Alcatel, Balzers, Edwards, Leybold