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Analytical Wafer Probers

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionSize RangeMicroscope TypeVacuum ChuckTmp Cntrld ChckProb Card AdptrMicropositnrs#PriceNotes
MakeModelSet SizeDiameter
»mm  in$
185531 Alessi REL100 mmMicrozoom4.0000 1 F*
231327 Cascade Microtech M150Stereo Zoom6.00000 1
177877 Cascade Microtech REL-3200Microzoom5.9055 1 F*
81577 Karl Suss PM5Stereo Zoom6.0000 1 F*
189080 Karl Suss PM5 Type: 0577065150 mmStereo Zoom6.00000 1 F*
126644 Karl Suss SOM4Microzoom4.00000 1
136753 Micromanipulator 6000Compound4.0000 1
45437 Micromanipulator 6640150 mmStereo Zoom6.0000 1
177879 Micromanipulator 8060-N6Microzoom5.9055 1 F*
162067 Mystic River Station 1.0 1
88344 Signatone S 463-EMicrozoom6.0000 1 F*
126654 Signatone S-250-5Microzoom5.00000 1
178662 Signatone S-250-6Microzoom5.9055 1
81260 Signatone S-465Stereo Zoom6.00000 1 F*
90229 TNP Instruments LCD12128.5000YES 1
156783 Wentworth Labs MP0901Microzoom4.0000 1 6,000.00

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Analytical Wafer Probers:
Alessi, Cascade Microtech, Karl Suss, Micromanipulator, Mystic River, Signatone, TNP Instruments, Wentworth Labs