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We have a large selection of heating and cooling equipment including lab ovens, temperature chambers, baths and chillers and furnaces. Items we sell are tested and repaired to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Please see our Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures page for more information.

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 Bath and Chiller Equipment - Other  in Baths and Chillers  (no items)

 Bath/Circulators  in Baths and Chillers  (24)

 Belt Conveyor Furnaces  in Furnaces  (1)

 Belt Ovens  in Ovens  (2)

 Box Furnaces  in Furnaces  (6)

 Burn-In Ovens  in Ovens  (8)

 Chambers - Other  in Environmental and Temperature Test Chambers  (1)

 Clean Room Ovens  in Ovens  (20)

 Furnaces - Other  in Furnaces  (2)

 Gravity Convection Ovens  in Ovens  (7)

 Heat Exchangers, Water to Water  in Baths and Chillers  (6)

 Heating & Cooling - Other  in Heating & Cooling  (3)

 Heating Circulators  in Baths and Chillers  (2)

 Immersion Coolers  in Baths and Chillers  (3)

 Inert Gas Ovens  in Ovens  (8)

 Kilns  in Furnaces  (no items)

 Mechanical Convection Ovens  in Ovens  (35)

 Ovens - Other  in Ovens  (14)

 Recirculating Chillers  in Baths and Chillers  (56)

 Temperature & Humidity Chambers  in Environmental and Temperature Test Chambers  (9)

 Temperature Chambers  in Environmental and Temperature Test Chambers  (22)

 Thermal Shock Chambers  in Environmental and Temperature Test Chambers  (2)

 Tube Furnaces  in Furnaces  (11)

 Vacuum Furnaces  in Furnaces  (1)

 Vacuum Ovens  in Ovens  (6)

 Water Baths  in Baths and Chillers  (6)

Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Heating & Cooling:
Affinity, American Scientific Products, Applied Test Systems, Inc., Applied Thermal Cont, ArctiChill, Bay Voltex, Binder, Blue M, BMA Inc, BTU Engineering, Capovani Brother Inc, Cascade TEK, Centorr, Cincinnati Sub-Zero, CM Furnaces, Cole Parmer, Coolwell Inc, Cress Mfg. Co., Delta Design, Despatch, Edwards Engineering, Espec, Fisher Scientific, Flowcool Systems Limited, Freeze Co., GC Industries Inc., GCA/Precision Scientific, Haake, Hart Scientific, Haskris, Heraeus, Himmerwerk, Hotpack, JPW Industrial Ovens, Lab-Line, LAUDA-Brinkmann, Lindberg, Lindberg/Blue M, Lytron, M&W Systems, M.T.A. S.p.A., Matsui America, Incorporated, Mellen, Micropyretics Heaters International, Modutek, National Appliance Co., Neslab, Opti Temp Inc., PolyScience, Precision Scientific, Ransco, RDO, Remcor, RTC, Russells Technical Products, Sentro Tech, Shel-Lab, Sterling Inc., Sun Electronic Systems, Tamson, Tek-Temp, Temptek Inc., Tenney, TestEquity, Thermo Electron, Thermotron, VWR Scientific Products, Yamato, Yamato Scientific, Yield Engineering Systems