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Capovani Brothers Inc stocks a wide range of used vacuum gauges. Typical manufacturers include Balzers, Edwards Vacuum, Granville Phillips, HPS, Kurt Lesker, MKS Instruments Inc., and Varian. Visit our Used Vacuum Gauge Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures for more information about our testing procedures. We sell a wide variety of used vacuum gauge controllers as well. Visit our Vacuum Gauge Controllers categories to view our complete stock.

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 Capacitance Gauges  in Vacuum Gauges  (45)

 Cold Cathode Gauges  in Vacuum Gauges  (2)

 Convectron Gauges  in Vacuum Gauges  (9)

 Ionization Gauges  in Vacuum Gauges  (5)

 Thermocouple Gauges  in Vacuum Gauges  (no items)

Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Vacuum Gauges:
Adixen, Edwards, Granville Phillips, MKS Instruments, Inc., Mykrolis