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All types of used laboratory and industrial ovens are tested to meet accuracy and stability of control published by the manufacturer. Mechanical convection ovens are ensured to comply with the manufacturers’ specifications for flow rate. Vacuum ovens are guaranteed free of leaks which will hinder performance. Helium leak checking is performed when necessary. Learn about our Laboratory and Industrial Ovens Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Ovens:
Across International, Baxter, Binder, Blue M, Capovani Brother Inc, Cascade TEK, Cole Parmer, Despatch, Fisher Scientific, GCA/Precision Scientific, Gruenberg, Heraeus, Hotpack, MANNCORP, Precision Scientific, Shel-Lab, Tenney, TestEquity, Thermo Scientific, Thermotron, VWR Scientific Products, Yamato, Yamato Scientific, Yield Engineering Systems