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Optical / Photonic Equipment

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 AC Power Supplies  in Power Supplies  (no items)

 Analyzers - Other  in Analyzers  (1)

 Arc Lamps  in Lamps  (2)

 Curing Lamps  in Lamps  (9)

 DC Power Supplies  in Power Supplies  (94)

 Electron Beam Power Supply  in Power Supplies  (2)

 Electronic Loads  in Power Supplies  (6)

 Fiber Optic Cleavers  in Fiber Cutting and Splicing Equipment  (no items)

 Fiber Optic Equipment - Other  in Fiber Optic Equipment  (no items)

 Fiber Optic Light Sources  in Optical / Photonic Equipment  (1)

 Fiber Optic Splicers  in Fiber Cutting and Splicing Equipment  (1)

 Fiber Optic Switches  in Fiber Optic Equipment  (no items)

 Frequency Generator  in Generators  (no items)

 Generators - Other  in Generators  (no items)

 High Voltage Power Supplies  in Power Supplies  (15)

 Integrating Spheres  in Optical / Photonic Equipment  (9)

 Lamps - Other  in Lamps  (4)

 Laser Marking Systems  in Lasers  (1)

 Lasers & Related Equipment - Other  in Lasers  (1)

 Linear Stages  in Stages  (40)

 Open-Frame Stages  in Stages  (2)

 Optical / Photonic Equipment - Other  in Optical / Photonic Equipment  (11)

 Optical Attenuators  in Fiber Optic Equipment  (1)

 Optical Breadboards  in Optical / Photonic Equipment  (7)

 Optical Components  in Tables  (151)

 Optical Power Meters  in Optical Test & Measurement Equipment  (2)

 Optical Spectrum Analyzers  in Analyzers  (no items)

 Optical Tables and Breadboards  in Tables  (15)

 Optical Test & Measurement Equipment - Other  in Optical Test & Measurement Equipment  (2)

 Oscilloscopes  in Optical Test & Measurement Equipment  (1)

 Pattern Generator  in Generators  (no items)

 Positioning Controllers  in Positioning Equipment  (15)

 Positioning Equipment - Other  in Positioning Equipment  (6)

 Positioning Motors  in Positioning Equipment  (1)

 Power Supplies - Other  in Power Supplies  (9)

 Pulse Generators  in Generators  (no items)

 Pulse/Pattern Generators  in Generators  (no items)

 Radio Frequency (RF) Generators  in Power Supplies  (28)

 Rotary Stages  in Stages  (1)

 Spectrum Analyzers  in Analyzers  (no items)

 Stages - Other  in Stages  (4)

 Transformers, Electronic Equipment  in Power Supplies  (no items)

 Tunable Laser Sources  in Fiber Optic Equipment  (no items)

 Vibration Isolation Tables  in Tables  (18)

 YAG Lasers  in Lasers  (no items)

Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Optical / Photonic Equipment:
Absopulse Electronics Ltd., Advanced Energy, Advanced Illumination, Aerotech, Agilent Technologies, Alpha Scientific Electronics, Anorad, Astex, Balzers, BILZ Vibration Technology, Bishop-Wisecarver, Blue M, Bruker, Burleigh, Cleveland Precision Systems, Comdel, Compumotor, Con Optics, Copley Controls Corp., CPI, CVI Laser, Daedal, Daihen, Danaher Precision Systems, Del-Tron Precision, Inc., Design Components Inc, Dover Instrument, Ealing Electro-Optics, Edmund Optics, Efos, EIT, Electro-Craft, Electrolite Corporation, Electronic Measurements Inc, Elgar, ENI Power Systems, Fostec, Fujikura, GE Fanuc, Glassman, Hereaus Noblelight, Hewlett Packard, Hipotronics, Hitek Power Systems, Hoffman, Instek, IntelLiDrives, Inc., Intelligent Actuator Inc, ITEC Powertron, Japan Radio Co., Kaiser Systems, Kensington Labs, Keyence, Kinetic Systems, Inc., Klinger, Labsphere, Lambda, Lambda Physik, Lesco, Line Tool Company, MA Lighting Technolo, Meadowlark, Melles Griot, miCos GmbH, MTI Instruments, National Electronic, New England Affiliated Technologies, New Focus, Newport, NTA Industries, Optosigma, Oriel, Physik Instrumente, Power Ten Inc, Seren, Sorensen, Spellman, Tamarack Scientific, TDK-Lambda, Technical Manufacturing Corporation, Telemark, Temescal, THK, Thorlabs, Transistor Devices, Trek Inc, UDT Instruments , USHIO, Inc., Walker Scientific