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  • Offered (box) or Wanted (coins)Item IDItem DescriptionMin TempMax TempCapacty/Vol Box#PriceNote
    »ºF  »ºK  ºC»ºF  »ºK  ºC»cu m  cu ft$
    Offer139975Associated Testing SW-5101-231501.2012,800.00Click for Picture
    Offer159264BMA Inc TM-8S-342004.5016,500.00
    Offer155615Cincinnati Sub-Zero Z-8-1-1-H/AC-731778.00111,500.00Click for Picture
    Offer49691Delta Design 2300RC-732880.3713,025.00Click for Picture
    Offer158809Delta Design 2850CL-733150.451Click for Picture
    Offer137558Delta Design 3900CD0.341Click for Picture
    Offer126666Delta Design 5900 CL-733151.8513,000.00Click for Picture
    Offer126702Delta Design 5900 CN-733151.8513,995.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not798Delta Design 7650C-733152.9012,550.00Click for Picture
    Offer163799Delta Design 9023-1843150.3713,025.00Click for Picture N*
    Offer163792Delta Design 9028-733150.452Click for Picture N*
    Some Shown, Others Not40153Delta Design 9039-1-1-1-733150.921Click for Picture
    Offer137600Delta Design 9064-5-2-1-733152.2012,800.00Click for Picture
    Offer139570Espec ECT-1-731801.2013,925.00Click for Picture
    Offer153509Russells Tech. Prod RB-8-co2-1002008.002Click for Picture F*
    Offer139542Standard Environment TK/5-731805.3016,900.00Click for Picture
    Offer165296Sun Electronic Sys EC 10-733150.7012,900.00Click for Picture F*N*
    Offer52958Tenney BTC-732004.5016,900.00Click for Picture
    Offer159263Tenney BTS-342004.5016,500.00
    Offer139520Tenney T-STRAT-JR01001.101Click for Picture
    Offer106973Tenney T10S-4020010.001Click for Picture
    Offer106972Tenney T20S-4020020.00112,500.00Click for Picture
    Offer4501Tenney T5S5-401005.0017,350.00Click for Picture F*
    Offer4503Tenney T5S5-401005.0017,350.00Click for Picture
    Offer126308Tenney TTC-7320010.001Click for Picture
    Offer119725Tenney TUJR-732001.1013,925.00Click for Picture
    Offer163057Thermotron S-1.2C-701801.201Click for Picture
    Offer140640Thermotron S-16-7317716.00117,500.00Click for Picture
    Offer126350Thermotron S-8-681778.00111,500.00Click for Picture
    Offer119722Thermotron S4-731774.0019,000.00Click for Picture
    Offer119724Thermotron S4C-731774.00110,500.00Click for Picture
    Offer153601Thermotron SE-300-2-2-7018010.201Click for Picture

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Temperature Chambers:
    Associated Testing, BMA Inc, Cincinnati Sub-Zero, Delta Design, Espec, Russells Technical Products, Standard Environment, Sun Electronic Systems, Tenney, Thermotron