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Unaxis 790
Load Lock System

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Oxford Instruments
Plasmalab 80 Plus
Reactive Ion Etch Tool

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Applied Materials
Endura 5500
CuBS SIP Encore

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Ulvac NE 7800
Ferroelectric Etcher

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CBI is Your Source for Buying and Selling Used Equipment
for the Semiconductor and Scientific Communities.


We are an online showroom of fully guaranteed refurbished equipment. CBI has been buying and selling equipment used in the manufacturing of Semiconductor, Optoelectronic, MEMs and Nanotechnology products since 1987. Because we own all of the equipment that we sell, we are always interested in buying more — so send us your surplus list!

To view over 2,600 detailed and real-time listings of our current inventory, use our search engine above or browse through our many equipment categories below:

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SEMICON West 2014
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July 8-10, San Francisco, CA

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Semiconductor Manufacturing

Wafer Manufacturing Grinding Machines Lapping Machines Spin Rinse Dryers Spray/Brush Scrubbers Wafer Cleaners Wafer Testers Resistivity Testers and more...

Semiconductor Hybrid / Assembly

Automatic Test Equipment Ball Bonders Die Bonders Wedge Bonders Wire Bonders Dispensing/Coating Equipment Diamond Scribers Dicing Saws Pick and Place Machines Reliability Test Equipment Screen Printers Sealing/Welding Systems Leak Detectors Wafer Probers and more...

Semiconductor Wafer Metrology

Critical Dimension Measurement Ellipsometers Microscopes Surface Profilers Resistivity Testers Wafer Inspection Tools Spectrometers CV Plotters Surface Inspection and more...

Vacuum Processing

Deposition Equipment Helium Leak Detectors Vacuum Fittings Vacuum Process Instrumentation Vacuum Valves Vacuum Pumps Cryogenic Vacuum Pumps Diffusion Pumps Mechanical Pumps Turbomolecular Pumps and more...

Heating & Cooling

Baths & Chillers Baths Bath Circulators Circulators Ovens Belt Ovens Clean Room Ovens Gravity Convection Ovens Inert Gas Ovens Mechanical Convection Ovens Vacuum Ovens Furnaces Box Furnaces Tube Furnaces Vacuum Furnaces Temperature Chambers Temperature & Humidity Thermal Shock and more...

Inspection Equipment

CMM Comparators Hardness Testers Interferometers Microscopes Reflected Light Microscopes Transmitted Light Microscopes Stereo Zoom Microscopes Scanning Electron Microscopes Wafer Inspection Microscopes X-Ray Equipment Sample Preparation Equipment Mechanical Inspection Equipment Optical Inspection Equipment and more...


Fiber Optic Equipment Lamps Arc Lamps Curing Lamps Positioning Equipment Linear Stages Rotary Stages Lasers Integrating Spheres Optical Components Optical Tables Positioning Controllers Vibration Isolation Tables and more...


Ultrasonic Equipment Autoclaves Balances Cryostats Cut-Off Saws Dry Boxes Fume Hoods Glove Boxes Mixers/Blenders Platen Presses Thermal Analysis Viscometers Sample Coaters Mounting Presses and more...

Test & Measurement

High Voltage Power Supplies Hipot Testers Ion Beam Drives Matching Networks Meters RF Generators RF Equipment Lock In Amplifiers DC Power Supplies Optical Test & Measurement RF Amplifiers and more...

Material/Physical Testing Equipment

Compression Testers Fatigue Testers Grinders and Polishers Electrodynamic Shakers Hardness Testers Impact Testers Shock Testers Vibration Testers Sample Coaters Universal Testers and more...

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