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  • Offered (box) or Wanted (coins)Item IDItem DescriptionBox ConstructnChamber SizeCompartments#PriceNote
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    Offer129768Contamination Contrl NonePlexiglass14.7517.506.2531450.00
    Offer152746Contamination Contrl NonePlexiglass17.5017.508.5024450.00Click for Picture
    Offer129750Contamination Contrl NonePlexiglass8.6311.5010.0011220.00Click for Picture
    Offer152610Contamination Contrl NonePlexiglss-Amber23.5018.0023.501550.00Click for Picture
    Offer159900DMS Desiccator Dry BoxPlexiglass23.0017.5011.2521450.00Click for Picture F*
    Offer122857DMS NonePlexiglass12.0012.0012.0021450.00Click for Picture
    Offer160485DMS NonePlexiglass21.7513.5011.2522400.00Click for Picture
    Offer152585DMS Two compartmentPlexiglass23.5017.5011.2521640.00Click for Picture
    Offer152594DRY BOX DESICCATOR Plexiglass15.5015.508.0022450.00Click for Picture F*
    Offer129748Laminaire NonePlexiglass11.5011.5011.5011250.00Click for Picture
    Some Shown, Others Not117036Laminaire NonePlexiglass23.5017.2510.7522450.00Click for Picture
    Offer160490Laminaire NonePlexiglass23.5017.5011.7523630.00Click for Picture
    Offer129749Plas Labs Inc. NonePlexiglass11.5011.5011.5011240.00Click for Picture
    Offer117043Terra Universal Inc. 1944-021265.00Click for Picture
    Offer127361Terra Universal Inc. 1965-00Plexiglss-Amber11.0010.001.5021550.00
    Offer152538Terra Universal Inc. 2534Static Dis PVC111,230.00Click for Picture
    Offer154149Terra Universal Inc. 4014-00APlexiglass24.0014.0015.00817,025.00Click for Picture
    Offer127363Terra Universal Inc. 714-526-0100385.00Click for Picture
    Offer154177Tumi NonePlexiglass48.0024.007.0011Click for Picture
    Offer159902TWO COMPARTMENT DRY BOXPlexiglss-Amber23.0017.0012.0025Click for Picture

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Dry Boxes:
    Contamination Control Inc, DMS, Laminaire, Plas Labs Inc., Terra Universal Inc., Tumi