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Ultrasonic Baths

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  • Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionCapacity/LiquidOutput WattageHeated Bath#PriceNotes
    »gal  L(Watts)$
    Blackstone-Ney HT121221.20480YES1 F*N*
    Branson 8000 1 1,050.00 F*
    Branson 8500 Special2 2,700.00 F*
    CAE NEY BCS-6-US22.71YES1 F*
    Crest Ultrasonics 19HT-1014-6ST500YES1 1,250.00 F*
    Crest Ultrasonics 6HT-1014-6500YES1 1,250.00 F*
    Flow Designs, LLC LAMBDA P-2U-CP7DYES1 F*
    Greco Brothers UT3932-4I1114 size 38" x 32" x 42"817.654000YES1 F*
    141683 Greco Brothers UT3932-6624-12 size 31.5" x 32.5" x 42"704.0830001 F*
    Ultrasonic Power Cor 51-15-413147.631500YES1 F*

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Ultrasonic Baths:
    Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonics, Branson, CAE NEY, Crest Ultrasonics, Flow Designs, LLC, Greco Brothers, Ultrasonic Power Corporation