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  • Offered (box) or Wanted (coins)Item IDItem DescriptionStage DiameterMax PayloadEncoder#PriceNote
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    Offer3072Anorad GR 666012,950.00Click for Picture
    Offer1640Ardel None61550.00Click for Picture
    Offer135065Daedal 200014.75no1275.00Click for Picture
    Offer1571Daedal 205015251950.00Click for Picture
    Offer1572Klinger RT120CCM46012,950.00Click for Picture
    Offer81169miCos DT-801.971595.00Click for Picture
    Offer113253Neat RTR-8811,100.00Click for Picture
    Offer19825Newport RTM160CC5.1213,900.00Click for Picture F*
    Some Shown, Others Not4538Newport URM803.153950.00Click for Picture
    Offer43706Newport URM80PP321,950.00Click for Picture

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Rotary Stages:
    Anorad, Ardel, Daedal, Klinger, miCos GmbH, New England Affiliated Technologies, Newport