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    140517 Ion Systems 5285E / 84"LPulsed DC AeroBar Analog Ionizer1 850.00
    Ion Systems 5024Ceiling Emitter Controller2 450.00
    Ion Systems 5225Analog Ionizing Bar 28"2 375.00
    Ion Systems 5285Analog Ionizing Bar 22"8 375.00
    140523 Ion Systems 5285 / 64"LAeroBar Analog Ionizer1
    Ion Systems 5285(e)Aerobar Analog Ionizer - 44"1 400.00
    Ion Systems 5585Digital Ionizing Bar18
    140518 Ion Systems 5684 / 44"LAeroBar Analog Ionizer1 480.00
    Ion Systems 5685Analog Ionizing Bar 44"2 575.00
    Ion Systems 5685AeroBar Analog Ionizer - 44"2 400.00
    140519 Ion Systems 6664AeroBar Analog Ionizer2 450.00
    Ion Systems 6665Analog Ionizing Bar2 450.00
    Particle Meas Sys AM 24Aerosol Manifold with Collection Pumps2
    150541 Simco Snap TracIonizing Bars with Controller1 1,275.00
    Ultra-Clean Products 1400-VAShoe Cleaner2 1,500.00
    Ultra-Clean Products 1600-VAShoe Cleaner1 1,600.00

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Clean Room Equipment:
    Ion Systems, Particle Measurement Systems, Simco, Ultra-Clean Products