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The used spin rinse dryers we have for sale have substrate sizes ranging from four, five and six inches. Also different SRD configurations are available; bench top, single stack and double stack. Our inventory is changing daily, so if you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call or send us an email.


Acid Wet Stations in Acid Wet StationsAcid Wet Stations (5)


IPA Vapor Dryers in IPA Vapor DryersIPA Vapor Dryers (1)


Megasonic Cleaners in Megasonic CleanersMegasonic Cleaners (no items)


Solvent Wet Stations in Solvent Wet StationsSolvent Wet Stations (2)


Spin Rinse Dryers in Spin Rinse DryersSpin Rinse Dryers (17)


Spray/Brush Scrubbers in Spray/Brush ScrubbersSpray/Brush Scrubbers (1)


Other Wet Process Equipment in Other Wet Process EquipmentOther Wet Process Equipment (6)

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Spray Solvent Tool
Refurbished by Rhetech in 2000

Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Wet Processing Equipment:
Accel, Amerimade Technologies, Bold Technologies, Hamatech, Interlab, JST Manufacturing Inc., Lufran, Modutek, OEM Group, Reynoldstech, Semi-Tool, Semitool, Verteq