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Like New Condition
System installed in October of 2007, decommission in Feburary of 2008. Used in a R&D application

The Ulvac NE 7800 is a high-temperature, high-density plasma etching system utilizing an Inductive Super Magnetron source (ICP with magnetic field).
The NE 7800 is a dual load locked, cassette to cassette system designed for both R&D and production applications.
Outstanding metal etching process stability for Pt/Ir/magnetic films and difficult to etch materials such as FeRAM and MRAM devices.


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Location: Scotia, New York, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Ulvac
Model NE 7800 Ferroelectric Etcher
Wafer Size Range 
  Minimum 150 mm
  Maximum 200 mm
  Set Size 200 mm
Number of Chambers 4
Process Capabilities Ta, FeRAM, RRAM, MRAM
Chamber 1 Description 

Preheat Chamber
IR heater
Range: 200 to 600 deg C

Chamber 2 Description 

ESD Chuck, 450C, He BS Cooling
Bias power: 2000W, 400 KHz
Antenna power: 3000W, 13.56 MHZ
UTM 1400FW/DIK Turbo Pump
Ebara ESR20N Dry Pump
Gases: Ar, O2, SF6, C4F8, HBr, CL2, BCl3, CHF3

Chamber 3 Description 

ESD Chuck, He BS Cooling
Bias power: 2000W, 400 KHz
Antenna power: 3000W, 13.56 MHZ
UTM 1400FW/DIK Turbo Pump
Ebara ESR20N Dry Pump
Gases: Ar, O2, SF6, C4F8, HBr, CL2, BCl3, CHF3

Chamber 4 Description 

Microwave Ashing Chamber
Heated Chuck, 280C
Bias power: 600W, 13.56 MHz
Microwave power: 3000W, 2.45 GHz
Endpoint detection
Ebara ESR200WN Dry Pump
Gases: 02, 02, H2/N2, CF4, N2

External Cooling Water Cooled
Other Information 

(3) Cassette load ports
(2) SMC Corp Model HRZ002 Chiller-Etch Chambers
(1) Ebara ESR20N dry pump, loadlock/xfer mod

Extended Description  Details at NE7800_BK1_CHP02.pdf
Power Requirements 208 V     220.0 A     60 Hz     3¬†Phase
Condition Like New

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