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in Barrel/Box Plasma Etchers
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Planar Plasma Etcher

In addition to this Tepla 4011, Capovani Brothers Inc stocks a wide range of used and refurbished plasma etching equipment including RIE, ICP and DRIE plasma etch tools. Typical manufacturers include Applied Materials, Branson/IPC, LAM Research, March Instruments, Oxford Instruments, Plasma-Therm, Surface Technology Systems, Tegal, Trion Technology

To view our complete stock of used plasma etch tools visit our Plasma Etch Equipment categories

This used plasma etching tool and all the other used and refurbished semiconductor, scientific, and laboratory equipment listed on this website are owned by Capovani Brothers Inc. and stored at our facility in Scotia, NY.

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Location: Scotia, New York, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Tepla
Model 4011
Etcher Type Planar - Magnetron
Rated Power Output 4000 Watts
Reactor Center Rectangular
Reactor Center Size 
  Width 32.28  in  (81.99 cm)
  Depth 27.80  in  (70.61 cm)
  Height 5.43  in  (13.79 cm)
Reactor Center Material Aluminum
Number of Gas Inputs Four Gas
Automatching Network Included No
Vacuum Pump Included No
RF Generator Model Muegge MX2000D-110LE
External Cooling Water Cooled

This Tepla system uses European Power 400v 3phase. Included with this unit is a power supply transfomer that converts US 480 3phase to EURO 400v 3phase needed by this system.

Other Information 

Process chamber:
Material Aluminum
Width 820 mm
Height 138 mm
Depth 706 mm
Chamber door: Aluminum, quartz inspection window with ultraviolet and
high-frequency radiation protection
Vacuum system
Process pressure: Approx. 0.1 - 1 mbar
Gas and vacuum piping: High-grade steel, ¼“ Swagelok connections as well as
aluminum KF components
Gas supply: 2 - 4 separate gas ducts (2 option, metering by means
of mass-flow controller
Venting: By means of solenoid valve and series throttle valve

Ultimate pressure attainable: Approx. 0.01 mbar
Vacuum measurement: Capacitive pressure gauge
measuring range from 0.01 to 10 mbar
The suction system is located in the bottom of the chamber.
Electro-pneumatic valve DN 65 ISO-K in suction line. (Optional)

Height: approx. 1720 mm
Width: approx. 1615 mm
Depth: approx. 950 mm
Weight: approx. 800 kg

Recommended pump equipment
Rotary-vane oil pump, two-stage, filled with PFPE oil
Minimum suction capacity 65 m3 / h
Exhaust filter with oil return
1 meter flexible metal tubing DN 65 ISO-K with connection components
Microwave generator
Regulated Magnetron
Frequency: 2.45 GHz
Power output: 2 x 2000 watts
Fault monitoring: Overload protection
Control unit
Display of:
• Process time
• HF output
• Process pressure
• Gas flow
• Centronics printer interface
• PC keyboard with Trackball
• RS 232

• Unlimited recipes can be programmed and afterwards automatically
processed and put into memory storage.
• A manual operating mode is available for test purposes.
• Superposing of information or fault message windows
Safety features:
• Safety switches on all parts of the housing
• Emergency Off switch
• Defined abortion sequences
• Plasma detection

Shipping & Handling:

Unless otherwise stated, all items will be fully tested and sold with our standard ninety day warranty, which is described in our terms and conditions. 
Our standard procedure is to service the equipment as orders are placed. Lead times can vary depending on the item.
Domestic and International shipments: Ex Works, Scotia, NY. All freight cost estimates are for dock to dock service only.
Any additional services, i.e. lift-gate, inside or residential delivery, must be requested at the time of sale and will be billed accordingly.
CBI is not responsible for any damage incurred during shipment. It is the buyer's responsibility to inspect packages for damage and to note any damage on bill of lading.
Please feel free to call us with any questions. (Phone: 518.346.8347, 844-833-8347, Fax: 518.381.9578).


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