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Capovani Brothers Inc stocks a variety of used and refurbished mechanical convection ovens with a wide range of maximum temperatures and box capacities to choose from. Typical manufacturers include Blue M, Despatch, Precision Scientific, Tenney, VWR Scientific, and Yamato. Visit our Laboratory and Industrial Ovens Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures page for more information about our refurbishment and testing process of used mechanical convection ovens.

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionMax TempCapacty/Vol BoxChamber CharacterPower Req#PriceNotes
MakeModelChamber CnstrcnViewing WindowVoltage
»ºF  »ºK  ºC»cu m  cu ft(V)$
241880 Across International FO-191402504.80Polished Stainless SteelYES220 1 2,200.00 F*
207539 Baxter DK-632105.10YES115 2
76148 Blue M 206 CRO2504.10304 Stainless Steel240 1 F*
74736 Blue M DC-1226C2045.80Stainless Steel208/240 1 F*
76533 Blue M DC-1226C-X3602045.80Stainless Steel208/240 1 F*
206257 Blue M DC-1463431.59Stainless Steel208 1
206258 Blue M DC-1463431.59Stainless Steel208 1
165024 Blue M DC-146B Systems 23431.58Stainless Steel208 1 F*
206259 Blue M DC-206316Stainless Steel208 1
191698 Blue M DC-206-B-ST3503504.17Stainless Steel208 1
163695 Blue M DC-206C3164.10Stainless Steel208/240 1 F*
224170 Blue M DC-326-G-ST35031632.00Stainless Steel480 1
206273 Blue M DCC-2563435.79Stainless Steel480 1
160771 Blue M DCW-256-B-MP5503505.78Stainless Steel208 1 F*
208754 Blue M LO-90-P2603.20Stainless Steel 304 1
165901 Blue M OV-490A-32603.00Stainless Steel120 1
189051 Blue M POM-206C 13434.10Stainless SteelYES240 1 F*
195509 Cascade TEK TFO-12351.60Stainless Steel110/120 1
172213 Despatch LAC1-38A-22603.76Stainless steel120 1
179026 Despatch LAC1-38A-42603.76Stainless steel120 2 F*
198801 Despatch LAC1-38B-22603.80Stainless steel240 1
200768 Despatch LAC1-67-42606.60Stainless Steel240 1
130784 Despatch PBC 1-80 2108.00Steel240 3
101302 GCA/Precision Sci 28L2254.50Stainless steel120 1
131380 Hotpack 2130233504.80Stainless Steel230 1
206274 TestEquity FH53004.86Stainless Steel220 5 F*
172224 VWR Scientific 1370F2404.90Stainless Steel120 1 F*
240252 VWR Scientific 168026014.60Stainless Steel 1 F*
207538 Yamato DKN-6002605.30Stainless SteelYES115 1
169512 Yamato DN-8320010.40Stainless Steel220 1

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Mechanical Convection Ovens:
Across International, Baxter, Blue M, Cascade TEK, Despatch, GCA/Precision Scientific, Hotpack, TestEquity, VWR Scientific Products, Yamato