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CBI is Your Source for Buying and Selling Used Equipment
for the Semiconductor and Scientific Communities.


We are an online showroom of fully guaranteed refurbished equipment. CBI has been buying and selling equipment used in the manufacturing of Semiconductor, Optoelectronic, MEMs and Nanotechnology products since 1987. Because we own all of the equipment that we sell, we are always interested in buying more — so send us your surplus list!

To view over 2797 detailed and real-time listings of our current inventory, use our search engine above or browse through our many equipment categories below:

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What We Do

We buy, refurbish, and sell used scientific equipment with a concentration of equipment utilized in the semiconductor industry. Everything listed on our website is owned by us and stored in our facility in Scotia, NY. The equipment we sell is made fully functional and sold with a warranty. We have a team of engineers and technicians who set up, test, repair and refurbish the equipment. For more detailed explanation of the various technical routines we perform, please refer to our Refurbishment and Functional Testing Procedures.

Vacuum Pumps & Vacuum Equipment

Vacuum Pumps Cryo Pumps Diffusion Pumps Rotary Vane Pumps Turbo Pumps Deposition Equipment Helium Leak Detectors Vacuum Valves Vacuum Fittings Vacuum Gauge Controllers Vacuum Gauges and more...


Light Microscopes Measuring Microscopes Stereo Microscopes Scanning Electron Microscopes Wafer Inspection Microscopes

Inspection Equipment

CMM Comparators Hardness Testers Interferometers X-Ray Equipment Sample Preparation Equipment Mechanical Inspection Equipment and more...

Heating & Cooling Equipment

Baths & Chillers Water Baths Bath Circulators Recirculating Chillers Ovens Belt Ovens Clean Room Ovens Gravity Convection Ovens Inert Gas Ovens Mechanical Convection Ovens Vacuum Ovens Furnaces Box Furnaces Tube Furnaces Vacuum Furnaces Temperature Chambers Temperature & Humidity Chambers Thermal Shock Chambers and more...

Laboratory Equipment

Ultrasonic Equipment Autoclaves Balances Cryostats Cut-Off Saws Dry Boxes Fume Hoods Glove Boxes Mixers/Blenders Platen Presses Thermal Analysis Viscometers Sample Coaters Mounting Presses and more...

Test & Measurement Equipment

DC Power Supplies High Voltage Power Supplies Hipot Testers Ion Beam Drives Matching Networks Meters RF Generators RF Equipment Lock In Amplifiers Optical Test & Measurement RF Amplifiers and more...

Manufacturers whose products we service and sell also include:

AB-M Inc., Absopulse Electronics Ltd., Accel, Acton Research Corporation, Advanced Illumination, Advanced Laser Diode, Advanced Motion Controls, Advanced Plasma System, Inc., Advanced Thermal Sciences, Aerzen, AG Associates, Agilent Technologies, AIO Microservice, Air Control Inc., Air Control Products, Air Technology Systems, Airco, Airco Temescal, Airflotek, Airtek, Alessi, Alexanderwerk, Alfa Laval, All American, American Optical, American Scientific Products, Amerimade Technologies, Ametek, Anatech Ltd, Anelva, Anest Iwata, Anorad, Applied Materials, Inc., Applied Test Systems, Inc., Applied Thermal Cont, APV Crepaco, Aqueous Technologies, Arbin Instruments, ArctiChill, Ardel, Arroyo Instruments , Astex, Asymtek, Asyst Technologies, Atlas Electric Devices Co, ATM GmbH, Atmos-tech, Austin Scientific Company, Autoclave Engineers, Automated Precision Inc, Avtech, Avtron, B&W Engineering, Bacharach Inc, BAL-TEC, Baldor, Balston, Barry Controls, Baseline-Mocon, Bay Voltex, Bel-Art Products, Bell & Gossett, Bertan, BILZ Vibration Technology, Binder, Bird Electronic, Bishop-Wisecarver, Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonics, BLE-SussMicrotec, BMA Inc, Boekel Scientific, Bold Technologies, Branson, Brawn, Brewer Science, Brookfield Engineering Labs, Brown & Sharpe, Bruker, Brunson Instrument, BTU Engineering, Burleigh, Busch, C&D Semiconductor, CAE NEY, Camalot, Canary Technology, Cannon Load Banks Inc., Capovani Brother Inc, Carbone, Carver, Cascade TEK, Cavro Corporation, CDE, Celerity, CEM, Centorr, CHA Industries, Chart Industries, Chatillon, Clark, Clean Link, Clean Room Products, Cleanroom Systems, Cleveland Precision Systems, CM Furnaces, Cognex, Coherent, Cole Parmer, Comdel, Con Optics, Contamination Control Inc, Contraves Goerz Corporation, Coolwell Inc, Copley Controls Corp., Corning, CPA, CPI, CPS, Creative Devices, Cress Mfg. Co., Crest Ultrasonics, Cryofab, Cryogenic Services Inc., Crystal Mark Inc, CVD Equipment Corp, CVI, CVI Laser, Dage Precision, Dage-MTI, Daihen, Dalsa, Danaher Precision Systems, Datapaq, Davidson Optronics, DCA, Del-Tron Precision, Inc., Delatech Inc., Delta Design, Delta F Corporation, Denton, Descon International, Design Components Inc, Diagnostic Instruments, Digirad Corp, Dionex, DMS, Dolan Jenner, Dover Instrument, Draiswerke, Inc, Dressler, Duniway Stockroom , DuPont, Dwyer, DynaVac, Ealing Electro-Optics, Edgerton Germeshausen & Greer, Edmund Optics, Edwards Engineering, Edwards Veeco, EFD, Eiger Machinery, EIT, Electro-Craft, Electrochemical Technology, Electroglas, Electrolite Corporation, Elgar, EMCO, Environmental Stress Systems, Eppendorf, Equipe Technologies, ESEC, Espec, EVG, Express Test, F&K Delvotec, Faxitron X-Ray, Federal Mogul, FEI, Ferrofluidics, Ferrotec, Fischer, Fisher Scientific, Flow Designs, LLC, Flowcool Systems Limited, Fluke, Fostec, Foxboro, Freeze Co., Fuji Paudal, Fujikura, Fusion UV Systems, Incorporated, G&N Grinding Machines Nuernberg Inc., Gaertner, Galileo Vacuum Tec, Gasonics, Gatan, GC Industries Inc., GCA/Precision Scientific, GE Fanuc, General Radio, Genesis Vacuum , Genmark Automation, GGB Industries Inc., Giddings & Lewis, Gilson, GL Automation, Glen Mills, GNB Corporation, Gordon, Greco Brothers, Group3, Grundfos, GTI Graphic Techology, Inc., H-Square, Halco, Hamatech, Hart Scientific, Haskris, Hastest, Headway, Heller, Heraeus, Herzan, Hiden Analytical, Himmerwerk, Hinds Inst, Hipotronics, Hitek Power Systems, Hoffman, Hotpack, Hughes, Hybond, Hydraulic Technology Inc., Ideal Vacuum Products, Illinois Instruments, ILX Lightwave, Imagexpert, Impell, Infranor, Innovative Machines, Instek, Insulator Seal Corp., IntelLiDrives, Inc., Intelligent Actuator Inc, Interactive Instruments, Interlab, Interserv Technologies, Intertest, IntraAction Corp., Isles Airclean, ITEC Powertron, Ithaco, ITT Standard, Janis Research, Japan Radio Co., JDS Uniphase, JEOL, Jobin Yvon, JPW Industrial Ovens, JST Manufacturing Inc., Kaiser Systems, Kammer , Karl Storz, Kaufman & Robinson Inc., Kawasaki, Kensington Labs, Kepco, Keyence, Kimble Glass Incorporated, KLA-Tencor, Kodak, Kokusai, Kontes, Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd., L.A.B. Equipment, Inc., LAB, Lab Crafters Inc, Labconco, Labflex, LabGuard Corporation, Lacotech, Lake Shore Cryotronics, LAM Research Corp., Lambda, Lambda Physik, Laminaire, Lansmont Corporation, LAUDA-Brinkmann, Laurell, Laurier, Inc., Leco, Legacy Systems, Lesco, Liberty Industries Inc, Lighthouse, Lightnin, Lindberg, Lindberg/Blue M, Linde, Lindgren, Line Tool Company, LMI Technologies, Loctite, Longhill Industries, Lucas Labs, Lufran, Lytron, M Rad, M&W Systems, M.T.A. S.p.A., MA Lighting Technolo, Macbeth, Makino, Marvel, Materials Research Corp, Materials Technology, Matheson Tri-gas, Matsui America, Incorporated, MBRAUN, MC System Inc., McPherson, Meadowlark, Mech-El, Meivac Inc., Mellen, Metrohm, Metroline, miCos GmbH, Micro Automation, Microspec, Microtech, Mill Lane Engineering, Millipore, Millipore Tylan, Milwaukee Valve Co., Misonix, Mitutoyo, Miyachi Unitek Corporation, Modicon, Modutek, MoistTech Corp, Molectron Inc, Motorguard, MPM, MRL Industries, MTI Instruments, MULTIVAC, Munters, MVE, Mydax, Mykrolis, Mystic River, Nanometrics, Narda Safety Test Solutions, National Appliance Co., National Electronic, Netzsch, New England Affiliated Technologies, New-Wave Research Co. Ltd., Nexx Systems, Nicolet, Nissei Electric Co. , North Atlantic, Nova, NRC, NTA Industries, OEM Group, Ohm-Labs, Omega, Opti Temp Inc., Optical Associates, Orbis, Oriental Motor, Origin, Orthodyne, Oster Magnetics Inc., Oxford Instruments, Pacific Precision, Pacific Scientific, Pacific Transducer Corporation, Particle Measurement Systems, Pasadena Hydraulics, Patterson-Kelley, Paul o Abbe, PCB, Perkin Elmer, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Phenix Technologies, Philips, Physical Acoustics Corp, Physik Instrumente, Picosecond, PK Technology, Plasma-finish Enterprise, PlasmaQuest, Poly-Flow, Polycold, PolyScience, Polytec, Porous Materials, Positech, Pratt & Whitney, Precise Optics, Precision, Precision Scientific, Princeton Instruments, Prior Scientific, Process Technology, Professional Instrument Co., Pure Air Systems, Pure-Flo, Quailmetrics, Quintel, RAE Systems Inc, Ram Optical, Rame Hart, Ransco, Raytek, RDO, Reichert Inc, Reichert-Jung, Remcor, Resource Systems, Retsch, Reynoldstech, RF Power Products, RF VII, Rifocs Corporation, Rigaku, Rittal, RK Print Coat Instruments, Robatech, Rosemount Analytical Inc., Ross, Rovema, RTC, Rucker & Kolls, Rudolph Research, Rudolph Technologies, Inc., Russells Technical Products, Sagitta, Samco, Samsco, Sanso, Sartorius, Schaevitz, Schott, Schott Fostec, Sealant Equipment Eng., Semi-Tool, Semiconductor Equipment Corp, Semifab, SemiSoft Inc., Semprex, Sensotec, Sentro Tech, Sentry Air Systems, Seren, Sharon Vacuum , Shimpo Instruments, Sidai, Silicon Valley Group, Simco, Slaughter Company, Inc, Solitec, Sony, Spectra-Physics, Spectra-Tech, Spectronic Unicam, SPEX CertiPrep, Spintrac Systems Inc, Stackpole, Stanford Research Systems, Statebourne Cryogenics, Sterling Inc., STI Systems, Strasbaugh, Sullair, Sun Electronic Systems, Surface Technology Systems, Süss Microtec Test Systems GmbH, Systematic Automation Inc., Tamarack Scientific, Tamson, Technics, Technifor, Techniquip, Tek-Temp, Tektronix, Tel, Teledyne Hastings Instruments , Telemark, Televac, Telsonic, Temescal, Temptek Inc., Temptronic Corp, Tepla, Thermco, Thermionics Labs, Thermo Scientific, Thermolyne, Thermtech, THK, Thoreson Mc Cosh, Thyracont, TNP Instruments, Tokyo Process Service, Toman Tool Corporation, Transcat, Trek Inc, Trio Tech, Trion Technology, Tropel, Ultra t Equipment, Ultra-Clean Products, Ultracision, Ultrasonic Power Corporation, Ulvac, Unitek, Unitek Eapro Systems, USHIO, Inc., Uson, UTD, Uthe, UVOCS, VA Technologies, Vacuubrand, Vacuum Atmospheres, Vacuum Barrier Co, Vacuum General, Vacuum Instrument Corporation, Vacuum Research, Valenite Gaging Systems, Van der Stahl Scientific, Inc., Vergason Technology Inc., Verteq, Vibra Finish Co., Villa Precision Industries, Vision Engineering, Vitrek, Volpi, Walker Scientific , Web Technology, Weller, Wentworth Labs, Wilcoxon, Wilkerson, Wyler, X-Rite, Xandex, Xitron, Yamato, Yamato Scientific, Yaskawa Electric Cor, Zircar, Zircar Zirconia, Zwick

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